Rachael Ray's Two-Burner Grill?

robk2kDecember 30, 2006

I would like a good-quality two-burner grill to use occasionally. I really like the results that Rachael gets with the one she uses on her 30-minute show, but I can't figure out what brand it is. Have any of you figured out which grill it is? And I can't tell if it is black-enameled cast iron, or uncoated cast iron.

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She often uses one that looks like the Lodge Cast Iron one I have. It's a griddle on one side, and a grill on the other. Great piece to have.

Why don't you take a look at the Lodge website, and see if that's the one you're talking about--then you should be able to pick one up at almost any housewares, department or most discount stores. Most of them carry Lodge in my area.

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Thanks, azzalea. I have looked at the Lodge grill but wasn't sure if it is the one she uses. Probably close enough. I checked out the description of one on Amazon, and it says it has a slight slant so that grease flows into the channel--does the griddle side have a slant also, and have you ever had problems with pancake batter "running" downhill so to speak? Thanks again.

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The Lodge website shows two reversible grill/griddles and one of them says it is sloped with a grease channel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lodge Grill/griddle

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I use mine for pancakes frequently, and have NEVER had a problem with the pancake batter running into the grease channel. I don't think the grill has that much of a slope, really.

Meant to mention, that Lodge is very inexpensive--so you should be able to add one to your kitchen collection without putting too much of a dent into the budget. I love that such great cooking tools are so affordable.

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Thank you, azzalea and dmlove! I'm going to get the larger one that has the slight slope--good to know if won't affect the pancakes--thanks again!

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She now uses an orange enameled one on her talk show. Does anyone know where that one came from?

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Crazy thought but maybe it's a new pan in her line??!! She uses different materials & shapes for her pans, I'd be surprised to see her hawking another line now that she has her own!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel Ray orange grill pan

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