Staub vs. Le Creuset

VezelayRangeDecember 17, 2005

I have two staub pots one five quart and the try me offer of the two quart (normally 100 but half off for a limited time). I know many users have the QVC staub basix line but I am interested from users who have used Staub and Le Creuset as to which one they prefer. I saw Gordon Elliot, on the Geniune Article, he said staub was better(worldly chef's use it?). I only dislike having the dark enamel interor but the picot under the lid and the beautiful colors make up for this slight imperfection.

However I was going to get the larger 8 quart from Le Creuset in white. Stay with a Staub or go with the Le Creuset?

Here is a link that might be useful: Try Me Staub(Look at the Chartreuse Color)

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I have several Le Crueset pans and the "Try Me" Staub from QVC (flame red). I really like the lid knob on the Staub since it doesn't have the heat limitations of the Le Crueset. But, in reality, I can't imagine what I might be using the pan for where I required higher heat than 350 degrees and needed to have a lid on. So, guess it's not a big plus. The knob also is a little easier to grip with a hot pad due to its higher profile. My "Try Me" Staub feels light for its size compared to Le Crueset. I wonder if Staub is making a special line for QVC???? Since I don't have a regular line Staub, I can't direct compare. As far as cooking goes, I also can't compare 'cause I'm using the Staub on an electric range and Le Crueset on gas. Overall though, I like the feel of Le Crueset better. Chefs (in CT) carries Staub but they were all boxed up with none on display so I couldn't touch & feel...drats to Chef's...what's up with no display product? I've not seen Staub in any of the other stores in my area.

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Tuesday Morning here has both. They only had one size of Staub. 6qt, I think, in dark red. Because they just got it in, they had almost every size of LC. I chose the LC based (mostly) on feel. Later I found Crate & Barrel has the new Mario Batalli line. I thnk those are made in China (if that matters to you). They seemed to be high quality and quite heavy. Maybe heavier than my LC but without having the LC with me I couldn't tell for surel. The MB Dutch Oven is 6qt, they also had a huge lasagna pan and a panini pan. All orange/red.

FWIW - I have heard several times now the QVC Staub is not the same as their regular product line, but I don't know if the reference was weight, fit, color or what....


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No, the Staub at QVC is different and I prefer the line of Staub and I believe the Staub at Tuesday morining is the Staub Basix line. I own the Staub at the link below and I really like the colors better but I was wondering if you get the browning in the LC with its light enameled interior vs the traditional line of Staub's dark interior enamel (I like the LC but I really like the colors of Staub but if cooking is better in it I would like an LC too)? This link is the one I own and the color is the same too. I have noticed the Mario Batalli line and I really want the panini pan but I have an electric KRUPS panini press already. I am starting to get addicted to this stuff with about 6 LC white stoneware baking dishes and 2 Staub pots. I need to get an 8 quart so Staub or LC; which is better?

Here is a link that might be useful: Favorite Staub French Oven (You Must See the Color)

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I would like to clear up the Staub QVC line and the affordable Staub Basix line that Tuesday Morning sells. The Staub at QVC is a Basix line (made just for QVC) with beige enamel and an inexpensive outer finish with a thinner cast iron creating a lower pressure environment when the lid is closed. The Staub Basix at Tuesday Morning has a different interior and different encasement. The two do not bear the logo on the lid of Staub La Cocotte nor do they have the belly-button dimples that create a constant steam because the steam drips back onto the food inside the Cocotte. The Staub line has a variety of different colors than any other lines of French Ovens on the market. I really would go with LC if someone said the enamel finish browns as well as the Staub but I just love the design and colors of Staub so much so please tell me which one you prefer?

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VR - I can't tell you which I prefer (since I don't own any Staub) but I love my LC and use it almost every day. It does wonderfully in the oven or on the burner. As TriciaE mentioned, I also was concerned about the phenolic knobs on the LC and wanted metal but once I learned what these pots are all about it really isn't an issue. In the oven I cook at 200, not 400!

I do like the lighter color interior of my LC. It cleans up really well. It does not have the self basting dimples. (the Mario Batalli does by the way). Before buying the LC I read several comparative reviews. They all said the Staub and LC both did a good job but gave a slight edge to the LC (mostly for the fit of the lid, which was just slightly better). One review even included the Emile Henry Flametop. It also has the self basting lid. That review said both the EH and the Staub didn't hold steam well enough to allow the dimples to do what they were designed to do. I can't verify that but the reviewer was 100% in favor of LC.


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I have just received this LC 'Doufeu' 7 1/2 qt. oval oven. It's a piece of art! The lid does have the dimples. The "Owner's Manual" says to use it mostly on the stovetop but, of course, it's completely oven safe. It's just the design (with the ice in the lid) is intended to function stovetop. I'll use it the first time either Christmas weekend or New Year's weekend. I'm looking forward to the first meal to come from this beautiful Dutch oven.

Here is a link that might be useful: LC 'Doufue'

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Also should mention that I looked at Mario's line about a month ago and didn't like it. There's a lot of exposed cast iron which looks like a rust problem to me. Right on the box, it says not dishwasher safe and I didn't like that either. There's a reason it's so much cheaper.

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Wow Tricia, I didn't know that. Good point. It wouldn't impact me as I don't put my LC in the dishwasher but it is an indication of quality, isn't it? That was my concern when I read the new stuff was coming out of China. I would love to hear from somebody who has used it for a while.


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I was given a Doufeu as a gift one year. It is marvelous for making any cheap cut of meat (beef chuck, lamb, etc.) meltingly (is that a word?) soft. It maintains a spot in my kitchen even though it isn't all that versatile because it's attractive and it's excellent at what it does. You'll have to let us know how your first meal in it turns out!

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I just got my first Le Creuset pieces ( 6 1/2 Qt.dutch oven and tea kettle)and *love* them both. So far I've fixed a beef stew, pot roast & veggies, and cornbeef and cabbage and they all turned out great. I love the browning and slow cooking ability of LC.
(Note: my backsplash is on hold until the holiday cooking is completed.)

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I apologize if this ends up as a duplicate. I registered after I put in a reply. I just bought a Staub Basic 4 qt. pot. This one has a lid that flips and is used as a braiser(?). It didn't come with any directions or recipes. Can someone point me to some resources? Thanks.

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I have just checked into this forum for the first time as I am not a 'real' cook. About 30 years ago I bought a LC kit at a department and have just burned the pot with the wooden handle and the slightly bigger one without the handle (sorry I don' know sizes).
I am looking to replace them and had looked at ebay and found some LC (often from England for some reason) but got curious about what else was out there.
Now I don't know about the steam dimples and all that but I do like the idea of lighter weight, not less quality. My old wrists are starting to get arthritic and I find myself picking items up in stores and thinking "oh that's too heavy".
So.....any comments based on that, or buying used LC on ebay?

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Well maybe my question regarding weight and color is moot as Staub doesn't seem to have any pots with handles?
Is LC the only enameled cast iron with pots with handles? And I didn't see what I thought was the new forest green on their website. Anyone?

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marys1000, Staub pans do indeed have handles. The casserole-like pans have helper handles and their grills and skillets have long handles. I've given you a link to their product page below, but here is their homepage:

I love Staub and also have LC, which I like. But both are very heavy, if that's a concern. I have an Staub 7 qt oval pan that is wonderful for braising, but when it's full of lamb shanks -- wow oh wow is it a handful. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Staub products

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Mary1000: I don't know anything about Staub,and am reading this thread with interest. I do have a few pieces of LC, all of which I purchased on EBay from a store called CaplanDuval in Montreal, Canada. Their prices are absoultely the best I've ever seen, even with shipping. You can also go to their website directly.

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If you have a TJ Maxx or Homegoods near you, they have great LC deals--i just bought two dutch ovens, both for nearly half price.

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