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icedCOctober 21, 2012

We thought the architect was angry after we seemed to be happy and then asked him to make 10 changes! Turns out he was just busy. Here is what he got to us today. We are leaning toward changing the powder into the kitchen pantry and then adding a full bath next to the playroom.

As always, would love opinions and thanks in advance :)

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A large plan, but well-organized and quite livable, albeit lots of extra walking in the kitchen due to the island seperating the normal "work triangle". If you are young and energetic it should be acceptable.

Your thoughts about pantry and full bath are certainly doable if you are willing to give up the large closet/storage area opening to the large mud room.

Good luck on your project!

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I think it would be a great idea to add a full bath by the playroom. Also, I think it would be nice to have a bath by the mudroom/exit since everyone can "go", fix hair, etc right before you leave the house.. plus would make the playroom very doable as a guest bedroom on first floor if you ever needed it (medical reason- parent breaks hip, overnight guest that can't climb stairs, etc). I really like your mud area and large WIC. I also really like your kitchen. I love a large island and I think your work triangle looks good and I like how your butler's pantry is directly between your kitchen and dining room (vs your old plan)

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I really like your plan. I'd consider if you have lots of formal dinners adding a dishwasher in the butler's pantry and small drink fridge/sink. Love the 2nd utility pantry. I would as mentioned by abrshafer add a bath next to the playroom for a more flexible and saleable home.
I'd also post your kitchen in that forum with the pantry for more specific feedback. If you swap your fridge and ovens you'd have a smaller triangle.
I'd also add windows to the dining room, maybe a triple set to match the office windows.

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What are the doors in the living room and dinette area for? Do you need both? Unless they are special doors with some purpose, I would just have one... and I'd probably move the one to replace one of the side windows in the dinette area. I'd think that would free up a lot of space to make the rooms more flexible. (Sorry if this was discussed previously. I didn't see your previous thread.)

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Ooh, I like this.
I would make your powder a pantry, make your pantry the closet for the mudroom (or 1 of 2 for the mudroom), and make the WIC space in the mudroom the bath on the main floor--make sure it is accessible without having to go through the mudroom for your guests.

But, I like this. I think it does have better flow.

As for the kitchen layout, you may want to take that to the kitchen forum... It might be worth swapping fridge and ovens, for example, to cut down on that back and forth between sink/fridge (or putting in a prep sink at the island). But, they are very good over there, and will definitely help you out.

Overall though, I find this to be a huge improvement in layout for your playroom location, etc. Much less choppy and better flow.

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I like your plan a lot...and it's a great idea to have a full bath on the main floor. Just in case you ever need to have a bedroom down there.

Also, if you add a small prep sink on the island (lower right corner) your kitchen plan looks just fine to me :)

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Would you want a set of French doors (or solid, but a pair) between the office and living room? We had a similar set up in our old house, and while the doors stayed shut most of the time, it was nice to be able to open them for better flow for parties.

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Great plan. The bath makes playroom into future first floor guest room which is a great idea.

I would think about an entry door about where the bench is in the mud room. A home this nice deserves an entry on the side besides just the garage entry.

Guests will come to the side of the two ways around it.

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I concur with positive reviews!

I'll add one thing I haven't seen mentioned:

Carefully consider the table arrangement in the main dining area. You'll likely place a chandelier (or other large light) centered over the table. But with the table being off-center, the chandelier placement might look odd from the kitchen. Just something to keep in mind!

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