Electric skillet

canvirDecember 5, 2005

I have been toying with the idea of getting my daughter a 12 inch electric skillet. (She's expecting her fourth boy)

Not sure if the younger generation still finds these convenient.

Your input, please.

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I'm not of the "younger" generation but find electric skillets are just another appliance to find storage space for and don't really do anything I can't do stovetop. But, with four boys to feed...an extra burner might be very practical.

Cuisinart has a new one that looks pretty nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuisinart Electric Oval Skillet

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My electric skillet broke and I just replaced it with a Rival electric griddle that has 2 sides with separate temperature controls. I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

I used the electric skillet mainly for eggs, french toast and pancakes so I decided that the griddle would suit my needs better.

What would she be cooking in the skillet? If it's used mainly for breakfast, I'd consider a griddle instead.

I have the room so I keep my skillet/griddle on the countertop all the time. It is used at least once every day or every other day.

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Thanks for the help.

Decided I wouldn't get her one, she does have an electric griddle.

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I bought an electric skillet to get us through our kitchen remodel two years ago and was surprised how convenient they are. The big size suits cooking for my three college-aged boys very well. Seems like it has more surface area than my old griddle, and the lid contains spatters. I opted for a 30" cooktop, knowing I could use the electric skillet as an "extra burner." It's nice to have for somebody to grill a sandwich or fry a burger on it if I'm working at the cooktop. Wish I'd gotten one years ago.

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I recommended a griddle in my previous post. Now that I'm on my second one (I returned the first one), I will probably go back to an electric skillet. I don't like the slant on the skillets that allow the fat to go into the container on the bottom. I tried cooking scrambled eggs and the batter just went into the container. So, I think I will return the second one as well and buy an electric skillet.

Is there an electric skillet that lies flat like an electric griddle?

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I like my electric skillet for making stew and pancakes especially. My guess is that with the thermostat, she would find it a helpful tool.

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I love my electric skillet and use it all the time because it has so much surface area. I probably cook 50% of our dinners on it.

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I returned some wedding gifts when we got married 27 years ago and bought an electric skillet. Just thought I had to have one because my mom had one and used it all the time. I still have it but I'm sure I haven't used it in probably twenty years. I didn't even use it when our kitchen was out of commission for remodeling. I also have an electric griddle and I've used that alot - pancakes, french toast, and such.

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Electric skillets can be very handy. Unfortunately, most now come with solid-state controllers that cycle the element on/off rather than a reostat that simply controls the amount of current delivered to the element. The on/off cycling complicates many uses. Even heat is what's needed.

If you find one with a more even reostat-like controller, please tell me!

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