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puzzlefanDecember 21, 2012

Over the last ten years, we have gone through too many toasters and too many coffee pots to make it seem foolish to buy anything but a cheap throwaway. After reading my morning science newsletter, I may have to reconsider. It has been known for many years that it is not safe to heat food in plastic in the microwave due to the transfer of BPA and PCB's. Researchers are now finding that coffee pots with plastic as part of their construction (as are most cheap ones) also can contaminate the coffee with lead, arsenic and trace mercury. I guess that is understandable knowing where they are manufactured and knowing importers really don't care that much for anything but the price. Maybe I'll have to start looking at resale shops for the old style stainless percolators! :-)

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I hear you and totally agree. But, but....percolator coffee? Might not be so good, but better than ingesting dangerous chemicals. French press might work too.

Here's a link to one on ebay. The style of those pots was very elegant. My mom used to keep hers so shiny and pretty.

Here is a link that might be useful: coffee pot

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One of the big knocks performance-wise on cheapo coffee makers is that they don't get hot enough. Since they don't get anywhere near the boiling point of water, it is not certain if they even get hot enough to trigger any breakdown of their plastic parts.

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Is anything made of metal anymore?

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Percolator coffee is wonderful and makes great hot coffee. French press are only good for a few cups at a time and don't keep coffee hot. I have both a Sunbeam and Farberware electric perk, espresso stove top, and stove top percolator. I fully believe in buying used as much as possible, the materials are much nicer and the design/manufacturing is better too. Only 3 of my 6 coffeemakers are used because it's hard to find them...

catlover: made of metal ? no unfortunately. But Italian manufacturers still make nice metal coffeemakers.

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