Help with Miele dishwasher install

moomoosmomNovember 25, 2012

We bought a Miele diswasher (G4205U) at the annual Miele warehouse sale. We pulled out our old Frigidare DW and are in the process of installing the Miele. Its way shoter than our standard builder grade cabinets. Our old DW was MAYBE a 1/2" shorter than the cabinets at most. The Miele is just shy of 1 1/2" shorter. We can raise the front legs but not the back ones on it. We could raise up the front legs but then the unit won't be front back level. Any tips or suggestions? We are contemplating cutting a piece of 2x4 and putting it in to fill the gap.

The Miele instructions suck and are clearly not geared toward DIY.

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The back legs can be raised from the front of the machine.

On the bottom are two sets of screws that require a TORX 20 (t-20) bit/ screwdriver.

One set adjusts the door tension springs and the other the rear legs. There are pictograms resembling a leg and a spring

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Not to hijack this thread, but can you provide more information regarding the Miele warehouse sale? I tried googling, but could only find info about a Miele outlet in Canada. Is the sale you mentioned in Canada? Thanks!

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Xedos - THANK YOU! I looked all over for those screws. For the life of me I never thought to look on the FRONT! Appreciate the tip! Any other sage advice?

Yes sorry DCJersey the sale was in Toronto Canada. They hold it for two days once a year - was this friday and sat. Dishwasher was less than half the retail price. Crossing my fingers its as good as everyone says!

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Not sure why, bug from what I've read over the past few years, it seems like Miele Canada does a lot more sales and promos, including longer warranties. But here in the US they do no national sales or promos.

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I may be too late, but that is a sizable gap.

If you want your unit to be as quiet as possible, I suggest going back to your first thought with a shim piece of wood to be put under the DW, but it should be full sized, not just the back.

Truthfully it is a very minor difference, so if you have it setup already, don't worry about it. The general rule is for noisy items you want to keep the legs as short as possible to reduce vibration.

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