Nu Wave Oven

marie26December 26, 2004

Has anyone bought this? Is it worth the cost? It is supposed to cook quicker.

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Did you check the Appliances Forum?

How about trying a Search for reviews? Also, did you try


Here is a link that might be useful:

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This product didn't come up under appliances. I considered this product to be cookware and not an appliance. I trust the opinions of people on this web site much more than any other. That is why I posted this here instead of searching the web for reviews.

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My father just bought this oven off of T.V. I was very skeptical that it would work. He gave it to me to figure out how to work. I tried it today with a 14 pound frozen turkey. I put the turkey in frozen and it cooked in 3and 1/4 hours. It was delicious. I could't believe it. It was very brown and juicy. About half way throgh cooking I removed the neck and giblets. I'm going to try other items in it but the turkey was a hit.

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Any more user comments on this appliance?

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We have had nothing but good feed back from the Nu Waves people have purchased at our store. The people that have one say it does everything it says it does. Very well worth the money. One of my co-workers is thinking about getting one as well now that she has her son and his wife living with her. NancyLouise

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OK, I had to do it! Got the non-digital one marked way down since it was the display unit. Tried a beef roast first. Cooked it as claimed but it was dry. Tried whole roaster chicken, it was TERRIFIC. Last night tried "county style" pork ribs. I way overloaded it and had to put some under the rack. They also came out really good. Not sure I'd pay retail for one, but it's fun to watch. (God, I need a life)

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I have a Nuwave and love itBuTTTTTTTT.I need a recipe for stuff peppers but can't find one,All I need is how much time to let it cook.Any idea ?

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I've started to play with the temp control on mine. I was doing a prime rib and it was browning too fast. I turned it down to about half and it finished great. I wonder if stuffed peppers might benefit from a lower temp?

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I almost got suckered in by the infomercial -- but many of the online reviews say the dome is cheap plastic and cracks within a short time of use.

Also, reviews say it does not cook as quickly as they claim.

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Tried another beef roast, this one was really good. The unit is pretty much all plastic, but so far no issues. I put the whole thing (not power head) in dishwasher and it comes out fine.

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For those people who got suckered in by the infomercial i got to say.....THANK THE GOOD LORD I DID!!!! I love my new oven like no tomorrow i am sitting right here in my motel room im on vacation and boy did i love cooking in here the other night and eating yummy thick center cut pork chops that cooked in like 10 min. flat lemme tell ya it was so juicy and tender as well as the 3 t-bones and sirloin i cooked last night i just made the worlds best beef jerky in 3 hours and i am sitting here watching my sliced beef cook for our steak subs i am watching them brown as i sit right here on my lap top for those of you who do not have one lemme tell ya........TO BAD SO SAD!!!!!!

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So you just registered today to tell us that?

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Anyone have a recipe for Mac and Cheese?

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