What do you use to cook foods in microwave & oven

ginjjDecember 26, 2012

I love my old pyrex casserole bowls with lids and use them all the time to cook vegies in the microwave and bake casseroles in the oven. I see that those wonderful items are no longer available and may even be dangerous at high heat - explode.

What are you using for those purposes now?


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In the micro, I use any micro-safe plate/bowl that doesn't get hot (I try to avoid them even if they say they're safe in the micro). I always prefer to cover w/wax paper, never plastic wrap, it allows the food to breathe a little when it cooks, rather than just melting or blowing up & the food goes everywhere.

In the oven I use white Corningware casserole dishes. I know some people love baking in the glass pans, I've never taken to them for some reason so can't comment on them.

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Unless cooking for a crowd, always do summer corn-on-the-cob in microwave. Great sweet corn is always best went it's bound to be screaming HOT outside... not when ya want a big pot of boiling water on stove. I have a rectangular-ish glass casserole (pretty sure it's Pampered Chef?). Will easily hold 2-4 ears of corn. I put 2-3 T of water in bottom, cover with sheet of wax paper or parchment, and hold that down with one of those plastic covers meant to cover stuff in microwave when reheating. If only 1-2 ears, will go on high for 1-1.5 minutes each. If 3-4, will time about the same, but move around about half way thru time. Usually let sit a few minutes before attempting to butter liberally, S&P and eat.

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