Floor stain splashed onto painted white baseboard molding

Mom23EsOctober 18, 2012

Our floors were stained last night, and this morning when I peeked in the windows to see how they turned out, I noticed floor stain all over the lower inch or two of our molding. Is this a common occurrence? Obviously somehow it will get fixed, but how? Will paint cover stain? Or will the stain bleed through? I really don't want a quick fix now that will look terrible down the road. Do they need to redo all of our base molding?

BTW- I love how the floors turned out! It was a bit scary after the first coat of stain looked orange, but the second darker stain seems to have fixed it. Can't wait to see them with the seal coat on. :-)

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You can relax; paint will cover stain on baseboard or any other painted surface. Moreover, your builder will more than likely install a shoe mold on top of the floor that fits up against the base board about 3/4" after the floors are completely finished. At least that portion of the splashed up base will be covered. A practiced painter will be able to touch up the base that remains. That said, the floor finishers should not have leaked stain up an inch or two. Any thing more than 1/16"is unacceptable to me.

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Thanks ohbldr. That makes me feel better. The painters have done a great job so far so I'm sure it will be fine. The stain guy has been terrible. He's a joke. :-/

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