Does this stand mixer look used?

Jen_zhDecember 14, 2013

Finally got time and was so excited to open the KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer my hubby got me from Kohl's black Friday sale. But it just doesn't look like new to me. I attached a few photos here - first off, it's already assembled; then, I found the handle sticky, like the oil grease or something; and there are more: some cream batter look-alike thing on the back (didn't dare to taste it), flour like powder in the bowl and on the wire whisk.

Looks so used to me. But I had no prior experience with any stand mixed and don't want to wrong the shipping source if those are indeed from the manufacture for protection (power, motor lubricant etc. maybe?). Can you please give me some advice before I decide to ask for an exchange? Thank you!

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I don't have any experience with stand mixers, but the fact that there are substances on it that shouldn't be there would lead me to exchange it.

Also, open the box of the replacement and check it over before leaving.

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I would take it back. Both of my KA mixers were clean as a whistle when we opened them. If it is just lubricant etc., that is poor quality control and should have not been passed on to the consumer. It could also be a return as you think. Retailers are putting back out on the sales floor returns. My niece works at a cooking store. They were told a few years ago that if it still looks good and works, clean it up more and put it back out. Problem is many people by things like mixers and coffee makers just to use during the holiday season. They make all their doughs and baked goods with the mixers, have the nice coffee makers for the parties, then after return them back to the store. I worked in a cooking store. It happened many a time. So it could very well have been used Jen. NancyLouise

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Thanks a lot to both of you, alex9179 and NancyLouise! I'm heading to the store to exchange it now. Wish me good luck! :)

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Hi can someone help I've bought a heavy duty kitchen aid when I put it on highest setting num 10 it trips my electric off , can anyone help thank you

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Sounds like your wiring isn't to code?

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(Google the name)

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That would be my guess also. You don't have enough amps to run the machine. NancyLouise

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