using oil in circulon infinite

jaxoDecember 31, 2010

The instructions say don't use "heavy" cooking oils in the pans.

That's vague. What specific oils are meant that?

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Specifically, nonstick cooking sprays, which folks tend to overdo. When you overheat them, the lecithin turns gummy.

I've cooked bacon in my Infinite Circulon saut� pan and reserved the fat for cooking, and have had no trouble with the nonstick performance. I use a quarter teaspoon of butter/canola oil spread when I fry or baste eggs (egg whites have no fat so they stick to even the slipperiest nonstick) and no grease at all for scrambled eggs (the fat in the yolks provide enough lubrication).

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They don't mean nonstick cooking sprays because they mention not to use sprays separately.
What I need to know is which liquid oils they consider to be classified as "heavy" so there is no guessing on light vs m
edium vs heavy cooking oil.
No oil should be needed to grease the pan, but sometimes oil is wanted to make a dish cook a certain way or just to add the oil's flavor.

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I found out they recommend only olive oil and peanut oil.

I wonder about grapeseed oil? It seems "light" to me and it has a high smoke point so you can fry certain things better/faster without having the oil smoking and turning dark and. unlike olive oil, it doesn't have a strong flavor that doesn't go with everything.

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