Devil Dog, how you've grown...

annie1992April 25, 2007

On conversations I was asked how Dad's new puppy was growing. Three weeks ago he weighed 5 lbs. Now he weighs 17!

Here he is with Dad:

He thought he'd have to taste me:

He kissed Ashley, though:

Then he thought there might be something hiding in Dad's slipper:

Who? Me? I'd NEVER chew that slipper. Never....

Well, now that he's got that vicious slipper under control, maybe I can teach him to herd cattle....


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He is a very cute dog! He looks like a little bear sitting in Dad's lap.

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I need a puppy!!!

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Look at that face.... How can you not love him...

Herd cattle?? Looks like he might end up being just as big as the cows... lol


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Dad's sure got his hands full with that one....he's a cutie!


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Annie, he has that look in his eyes...just what Dad needs to make him laugh and wonder what the little Devil is up to. Me thinks he is cute and he knows it!

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Very cute doggie! My father has a Border Collie too.

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Yep, I love Border Collies! He sure is a cutie!

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OMG HE IS SOOO CUTE! I can almost feel his fuzzy little body through the picture -- how is your Dad coping, now that he knows Zinger will definitely belong to him? I'm guessing your Dad got Zinger out of compassion for you, thinking it would help you with the passing of your wonderful WW? Does he regret his mistake, or is he falling in love with him?

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Dad still tells me that Zinger is "too much dog" for two 75 year olds, but Zinger has definitely decided who he belongs to. He's Dad's dog and Dad can't move without Zinger on his heels.

Yes, Dad got Zinger because he thought I needed another dog and I wouldn't replace WW, so he "replaced" him for me. However, I was unmoved and refused to take the Devil Dog home for "training". (grin) He complains incessantly but he really likes Zinger a lot.

Zinger IS really fuzzy and soft, I know he'll lose that puppy fuzz and get real hair but he's darned cute. Naughty, very, very naughty, but cute.


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Border Collies' fur stays pretty soft even after the puppy fur is gone from what I remember. He's a doll! No more puppies for me though, only full grown dogs.

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oh Annie, he's adorable. Will asks about him all the time, I have to remember to have him take a look at him!

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