Rec for large cookie sheets??

blsdgalDecember 6, 2006

I would like to purchase 3 cookie sheets that will each hold 20 cookies, so that I can use convection and bake a full batch at once.

I am looking at this cookie sheet (in the link). Does anyone have any other suggestions for nice, large cookie sheets?


Here is a link that might be useful: large cookie sheet

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I bought these at Sam's Club (the two pack!) and I love them. They are big enough, very heavy, good quality, great price, can go into the DW, and the cookies come out well. I do bake on parchment paper, not directly on the sheet. The size also fits well in my cabinet. Anything much bigger would be a problem.

Happy baking.

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Best ones are the 1/2 sheet size, heavy aluminum pro-style ones that Momj47 mentions. ALso find them at restaurant supply stores, Walmart and other places for under $8 each. (If you insist upon shopping at Williams Sonoma or Macy's, expect to pay about twice as much for each one, or more. I saw them for $20 each at one store.) Buy a bunch---I have 5 and it's lovely to have that many. Inexpensive and easy to store, and best for baking, too.

This topic has come up over the years in both Kitchens and Cooking forums, and these cookie sheets win every time.

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Thanks for the info gals. I am an hour from ANYTHING that resembles good shopping, but I am going to definitely try Sams. I am so tired of baking with junk bakeware.

I found out that the factory for Doughmakers (the link I listed) is only one hour from where I live and that they have a sale which is open to the public (first quality and seconds as well).

Here is the link if anyone is interested. I hope it's OK to post this info.

Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Mine are made by Vollrath. Heavy duty and inexpensive, but, for the life of me, I can't remember where I found them. Many professional bakers use them, so I would look online or at a restaurant supply when you do get to a shopping area. I can sympathize--I live over an hour from anything also.

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Yes, you want Vollrath sheet pans (a/k/a bun pans)!

They're a standard commercial bakery item, so you should be able to find them at your local restaurant supply store, Smart & Final, etc.

Here's another source: Surfas Restaurant Supply - Bake Pans

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The ones I saw at WalMart were the Vollrath.

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Do the 1/2 sheet Vollrath pans work well for baking cookies in a convection oven? My manual says to use sheets without sides for better air circulation. Has anyone used the Vollrath heavy gauge aluminum cookie sheets in a convection oven?...although a bit pricey compared to the 1/2 sheet pan!

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I use the regular 1/2 sheet-sized ones with the lip (AKA a jelly roll pan) in my convection ovens. No trouble. (note, I am talking about full-sized regular wall ovens and not smaller table-top models, since I have no experience with those.)

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Thanks fairegold. I think I'll get 3 of each, 1/2 sheet pan with the lip and cookie sheets without the lip. We have double convection ovens, so I'll use both sets when I do lots of cookies!

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I use the type fairegold recommended (on her recommendation) and am very happy with them. If you have a chance to handle them before you buy, that would be good. Even though you probably don't use them as often as pots and pans, so it's less of an issue, I found that I didn't like the "feel" of the side-less ones, and really disliked the Kaiser tinplate ones that Cooks Illustrated recommended. I'm very pleased with the plain old aluminum jelly roll pan (in which I use a Silpat-type mat for cookies --- not Silpat brand, though; I use Matfer Exopat brand, which I get on Amazon, much less expensive than Silpat)

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