LeCreuset - where best prices?

marys1000December 6, 2006

In case I break down and replace my 23 year old LeCreuset pans with new (vs. a cheaper brand or used eBay LeCreuset)

I was wondering if anyone knows of where the best price is to be had?

Also - is there a "grey-market" to be concerned about? You know how some companies have had problems with products that are labled and look exactly alike but come from a different country and that's why so much cheaper.



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If you're shopping for open stock or for a specific item, you might check Caplan Duval (see link)

If you're a little more flexible, Amazon has some decent sales on LC from time to time. Even with the sale price, it is pricey enough to often qualify for free shipping.

TJMaxx will have LC seconds every so often. I recently bought a small casserole there which had a minute enamel defect on the lid; doubt that it will affect its performance.

Also at TJMaxx I picked up a Chinese enamel cast iron pot with the label "Well Equipped Kitchen". I've only used it a couple of times so I can't vouch for the durability, but it seems to work just fine at about one-fifth the cost of LC.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caplan Duval

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The Le Creuset factory stores at outlet malls will ship, if you do not live near an outlet mall. These stores also have special sales. They sell regular, discontinued, and "second" pieces, along with some pieces not carried in United States retail stores (like the indigo color, for instance).

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I got my one and only piece recently at one of the factory outlet stores - on sale and in the beautiful indigo color mentioned above. It was much less expensive than regular retail. And now I see why people like this stuff so much.....

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Well its 114.00 plus 15% handling and shipping from an outlet store in CO or about 129.00 off the web. Not a big difference.

As for LaFont - I wish I could find out more or find someplace that had a complete line up of products and colors. The wooden handles are fine with me.

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I don't think the wooden handles are OK....there will come a time when you want to put them into the oven and that won't work.
There are several brands of enameled cast iron...The Well Equipped Kitchen are good and again much less than Le cruset.
Haunt the places like Tuesday Morning, T'J.Maxx and Home Goods...particularly after Christmas, there will be sales.

I love Le Cruset....and have a shameful amount of it!
Linda C

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Lindac - what tis the Well Equipped Kitchen? I googled it and just got a million hits on what is and how to well equip a kitchen. If its rachel ray's stuff i think I looked at that and while I can't remember why i ruled it out.
As for wooden handles....23 years with my 2 wooden handled Le Creuset pans and it was never an issue. I'm not really a cooking cook if you get my meaning. I may replace mine but (1) I'm trying to be more frugal for a variety of important reasons and (2) iI'm afraid I'd just burn them up again. Menopause can be hard on your memory and trying to put together a new life has got me running.

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If you send them your damaged wooden handles I believe they will replace them free with their new high heat phenolic ones.
I've also had a whole set replaced free. There is a 101 year warranty.

Mary, if there is a problem with your pans, call them. 1 877-CREUSET. They should give you a return authorization for them.

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Well Equipped Kitchen is a brand that I see a lot at T. J. Maxx. They are very similar to the LeCrueset except for the price tag. Very reasonable. They had an approximately 6 qt. dutch oven at the T.J.'s near us for about $50.00. I'm considering it.

Target also has an enameled Lodge dutch oven for about $50.00.

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Target's Chef's Choice brand also got a good review in Cooks Illustrated recently - for anyone looking for a less expensive brand.

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Amazon has a great deal now on the 5.5 qt. oven, only in red. It comes with $114 worth of LC extras free, and also free shipping. All for $159.99. Hurry though, as their prices change constantly, and this is the lowest it has ever been!

Here is a link that might be useful: LC 5.5 qt. red oven

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