Tnflower_loverDecember 28, 2006

The plane (grader) for lemon, orange rind, nutmeg etc. I can not find one any ideas on where I can.

BTY I have been a member for yrs. but away for a while.

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Bed Bath & Beyond; Linen & Things; and even Walmart and some supermarkets, lately, all carry them. Micro-planes have gotten to be among the commonest kitchen gadgets around.

Haven't checked, but it wouldn't surprise me to fine that Ace carries them as well.

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I got mine at the Williams Sonoma store at the mall, and I've gotten them for friends at Kitchen Kapers.

Any decent kitchen or dept. store, any bar/restaurant supply store should carry Microplanes, they're everywhere these days.

If you're still having trouble finding one, though, you might want to check the Fante's website (kitchenware store in the Italian Market in Phila)--they have pretty much everything you could possibly need, and a lot of gizmos you don't--LOL! They're an old, established company, I've dealt with them for many years and found them reliable.

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Chef's Catalog has had them in the past.

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Look under "microplane grater."

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This one from Lee Valley tools (of all places) is my favorite. I have the holder also. Works really well for grating cheese, zesting lemons. I just love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless-Steel Rasp

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