Best Countertop Microwave/toaster oven?

jaxoNovember 18, 2010

I am considering replacing my OTR microwave with a range hood for better exhausting of cooking odors.

However, the kitchen is small and counter space is limited and I don't have space for both a microwave and a separate toaster oven sitting on the counter.

I would be interested in a microwave that could fully take the place of a toaster oven for quickly heating up things that don't reheat or cook well in a microwave.

I'm not sure if microwave/convection ovens work as well as a dedicated toaster oven. Do they?

What are the best options?

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jaxo - I was looking for the same exact thing, and based on my research, I couldn't really find a mw that would also work as a toaster. I think some convection/mw combos are OK for baking, but toast is another matter. The more functions you pack into a mw, the more likely it will break down.

I ended up with a Breville smart oven and a regular Sharp mw. I know that's not what you want to hear, with space being at a premium, but that's my experience. Perhaps someone else will chime in with a success story of a toaster/mw, but I would recommend a small toaster somewhere, space permitting.

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It's not super important that it toast bread since I can get a slim toaster that won't take much space next to it. However, I do not have space for both a microwave and another countertop oven for baking and browning smaller items such as single pot pie, a small can of biscuits or reheating a slice of leftover pizza without making it soggy and rubbery in a microwave.

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