Does this spoon/spatula utensil exist?

Madeline616December 19, 2012


I'm a pretty regular poster in kitchens and popping over here for
the first time. What a great forum!

I recently bought the All Clad Deglazing Spoon. It's basically a basting spoon with a straight edge, what some refer to as a "spoonula." Here's a link to the pic--you have to look closely to see the straight edge:

It's a great utensil, but it's really heavy and the shape of the handle is pretty uncomfortable. I'm wondering if anyone knows of another one like this that's on the market. I was surprised that a Web search turned up nothing, and BB&B didn't have anything, either.


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I've never heard of that and usually use the front edge of a spatula. I looked around too and saw nothing, not even ebay.

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How about:

or maybe - Ebay:
search for: "vintage aluminum ice cream spoon"

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Never saw this before - am intrigued except I am being forced to use nylon/plastic/silicone utensils at the moment but I found something very similar at: - solid square spoon - large blunt end spoons, set of 2 and one in wood. - the spoon you can't live without and another one called spoontula - these look more comfortable but I don't know how you feel about wood.

I searched square spoon for stirring, flat head spoon and blunt spoon.


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Thanks, HTH!

The solid square spoon from Artisan Table is a lot like the utensil that another member showed me in a similar thread. I'm going to order it in the next day or looks lighter-weight and less clumsy than the All Clad one.

Thanks again!

Madeline :)

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