Stockpot for induction

dcwesleyDecember 7, 2009

We are underway on a complete kitchen redo that will include a move to induction. We use our stockpot for making large batches of chili, clam chowder, etc - as well as ocassionly for water for crab legs - although we usually do the latter outside. But our current stockpot will not work on the induction.

I want to get DH a new stockpot for Christmas. I have looked at the Le Creuset enamaled steel and the All Clad multipot. I am concerned the AlL Clad is too light on the bottom. Any suggestions?

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I recommend the Tramontina 12-qt. TriPly Stockpot. Don't be fooled by the low price or that it is sold at Walmart. This is an astonishing deal, for a fantastic quality pot. It is rare to find a stockpot that is Triply all the way up the sides. I don't think All-clad's 12-qt. stockpot has that (instead it's Tri-ply only on the bottom). Although the Tramontina's description doesn't say it is induction-ready, a magnet sticks to it, so that means it will work on induction.

Just a note that Tramontina also makes pots that are not TriPly, so just be careful when shopping to choose the TriPly version. I am linking the Tramontina 12-qt. TriPly Stockpot below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tramontina 12-qt. TriPly Stockpot

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