Club Cookware?

cheryl_okDecember 9, 2007

I have a few Club pans and I love them. My question is for those of you that have this brand, is the fry pans as good as the pots? No sticking, easy clean etc. I'm tired of buying fry pans that my DH destroys with his metal utencils. Club is spendy and would like input before I buy.


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Where do you find these? DH has some old club that I really love and his favorite pan is not flat and won't work on our new smooth top. I'd like to get him a new one as he was really bummed about it.

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If you're referring to Club aluminum cookware I wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole. My grandmother had a beautiful set of it which she used for many many years. My grandfather developed alzheimers. You may want to do some research into the link.
Additionally, I've read that aluminum by itself has a hard time crossing the blood brain barrier, however if it's combined with fluoride (as in cooking with tap water in an aluminum pot) the resulting aluminum fluoride hops right on over and makes itself at home.

The reason this stuck in my mind when I learned about it is because I enjoy browsing in a restaurant supply store and most restaurant cookware is aluminum because it's cheap and cooks fast. Restaurants use tap water to cook in those big aluminum pots and I had visions of spaghetti noodles boiled in fluoridated tap water and aluminum pots and even worse, acidic tomato sauce made with flouridated water cooked in those aluminum pots....

Here's just one link I found just now by googling "aluminum fluoride":
There's a lot more if you're interested.

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Wow that's a new one for me.......boil some pasta in an aluminum pot containing fluoridated tap water and risk Alzheimer's!!

The theory being that 1 ppm fluoride (sodium) in fluoridated drinking water will somehow convert into a dangerous level of aluminum fluoride at cooking temperatures, and the nearly insoluble aluminum fluoride thus formed will somehow make its way into the about a scientific stretch!!!!! I guess if we used this same scientific reasoning we could deduce that boiling fluoridated water in our aluminum pans will eventually build up a non-stick fluoropolymer Teflon-like layer (polytetrafluoroethylene). Hummmmm....wonder if I should apply for a grant to conduct that study?

Contrary to what the alarmist in our society believe, aluminum is quiet safe to use.....and its documented safety is based on many years of empirical data and studies by a whole host of professionals (industrial hygienist, toxicologist, Doctors, metallurgist, chemists, etc). It would have been banned years ago were it a real problem. The whole world drinks soft drinks and beer in aluminum cans. Beer and soft drinks contain carbonic acid which can attack aluminum just like acidic tomato sauce.

Club aluminum is a cast aluminum product like Magnalite. Because it is cast formed rather than roll formed, it tends to conduct heat all the way up the side of the pot similar to a cast iron vessel. Because of this property they make good dutch ovens or roasters. I find that these pots/pans cook quite well. The cast aluminum pans that I have, however, do not have the non-stick coating so I can't comment on their qualities.


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lyfia, you can get them on ebay. New and used.

Dan, mine are old, they don't have the non stick coating, just aluminum, however they don't stick either. Hoping the fry pans work the same. If harmful...they can't be as bad as eating teflon! lol (thats what we eat when DH cooks!)

rosieo, thanks for the info. Might check it out closer.

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Hi - I have a 10 piece set of the green (maybe it was called turquoise) CLUB cookware. It's truly Very Vintage and I'd be happy to sell it to you for $100 - is that a fair price? If interested, email
BTW, it's heavy but it sure cooks well/elaine

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 piece CLUB cookware

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Sorry, Elaine, but it's against the rules to sell here, and you can get banned from the site. Try Craig's List.

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Where can I buy? My mother loves their products but I can't find them.. any suggestions? Thank you in advance :-)

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If you can't find the Club Aluminum cookware that you are looking for, you and your mother might like the Magnalite brand. Magnalite is made out of "cast" aluminum too. It is not made out of rolled or stamped aluminum....and that makes a BIG difference in overall cooking performance. Accordingly, it will have the exact same cooking qualities that your mother loves about her Club cast aluminum pots and pans. The thickness and quality of the casting is the same for both brands. And it is readily available. My local Walmart carries all of Magnalite's line of cast aluminum pots and pans.

However, you can still find Club Aluminum cookware (sometimes unused) on eBay.

Semper Fi-cus

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