Electric Mini Chopper

secsteveDecember 6, 2009

My old hand chopper finally bit the dust and I'm looking for a new one and noticed a Hamilton Beach Deluxe Food Chopper at Wal Mart for $18.00 along with an Oster for $17. Has anyone used or have one of the these mini-choppers and how do you like it.

While my old one was good, it got to be a bit of a chore chopping nuts etc at Christmas time and these seem like they'd be faster.


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I've had one for a number of years and it's a handy little sucker. You just have to be careful not to over do it or you'll have powder.

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bryansda thanks for the info. What brand is the one you have? I've seen others that I'm also interested in like a Kitchen Aide and a Cuisinart.

Anyone else?

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I think mine is a Black and Decker, but wouldn't swear to it. I got it as a gift a number of years ago. If you really want some good information try posting over on the Cooking forum, but be warned you may get more information than you want...LOL.

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Due to space concerns and because I cook only for myself, I use one of the mini choppers (Black & Decker/Toastmaster) in place of a standard food processor. I have been surprised at what a good job it does and how versatile it can be. I got mine on sale for around $8 eight years ago and consider it to be one of my favorite tools. If I need to "process" larger quantities, I simply do it in batches. I see on the internet that the regular price ranges between $12-$17 so should it ever fail, it is not a big deal to replace.

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I have the Quisinart, and I don't like it at all. I think I paid for the name, thinking I was going to get a good unit. I am always shutting it off and dislodging food it won't grind. It replaced a Herbie I used for ten years, and cost me sixteen bucks. That was the best little mini-chopper I ever owned. I use mine a lot when not in canning season. Then I use one of the big-boys. But mini-choppers are handy.

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