CLUB cast aluminum pots

zidnaszDecember 25, 2008

I have had a set of CLUB cast aluminum pots for several years. Lately when washing (using a stainless steal pad) the aluminum seems to be coming off. Are these pots still safe to use? What caused this to happen and is there anyway I can stop this from happening?

Thanks to anyone who can help

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Yes they are still safe....
What do you mean by "The aluminum keeps coming off"?
Club aluminum si heavy, solid aluminum and wonderful to cook with! If you scrub with a stainless steel pad, you may remove bits of the surface, because the steel is harder than the aluminum. Use a soap filled brillo or SOS's gentler.
Linda C

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I read your posting in iVillage Garden forum about Club Aluminum today. I have a set of club aluminum that I got for my wedding 32 years ago. Since my husband has been cooking chili and other tomato-y stuff in it forever it has gotten very pit-y and dark inside. The food is always delicious though. I read the previous posting that says that the aluminum can't rub off, but does the tomato acid make the cookware unusable in any way?

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I would think that a stainless steel pad would, in fact, scratch into the aluminum causing it to flake off/wear down. You'd be better not to use something too abrasive, just use a scrubby or a green scrub pad, not stainless.

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