Anyone hear of LaFont cast iron enamelware?

marys1000December 6, 2006

I noticed this for sale on target. Anyone

know anything about this? I did a search and

saw some on a british site but they didn't have the

pans with the handles. Which is what I'm looking for.

My La Creuset of 23 years is finally biting the dust

after me burning hummingbird sugerwater on it (my main

two pans:(


Here is a link that might be useful:;jsessionid=aztaJGlPRvQd

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The wooden handle would be a deal breaker for me.

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Google "lafont/la font cookware" - started in France but now apparently made in Argentina. Some good deals are on Ebay.

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I'm not familiar with LaFont, but can relate to dismay at burning your "good" pots making hummingbird syrup! I don't know if it would work with your Le Creuset pot, but a heavy dose of baking soda with water, repeated twice, worked for my stainless steel pot. The second time I just left it for "ages" though, as I thought it wasn't working.... and when I came back to it, the water had evaporated and the black burned syrup mostly peeled off. Then a little more scrubbing at the pot was good to go.

After that I started making my hummer syrup by boiling the water separately, then adding to the sugar to dissolve.... much simpler! I often make it right in empty Mason jars so don't need to use another container to measure. Just thought you might like to consider that method, if you're nearly as forgetful as me.

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I agree about the LaFont's wooden handles being a deal-breaker. Part of the appeal and all around usefulness of the enameled cast-iron is the ability to go in the oven without a worry. Not so with the wooden handles...that would greatly limit the utilization. They are pretty, though.

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Not necessarily. The LaFont comes with two handles: wood and cast iron. One bugaboo though, what they call oval is actually more of a rectangle.

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