No Warranty?

candlerDecember 11, 2007

I'm widowed and don't recall ever buying cookware. A month ago when in Walmart I was heading for checkout and going up an isle that had frying pans. Something caught my eye: 8" Open Skillet, Farberware, Inside/Outside Nonstick. I read it was dishwasher safe although handwashing was recommended. Over time I'd given thought to a frying pan where I wouldn't have to scrape cooked eggs. But, as important, one I could toss in the dishwasher. I bought the frying pan.

After it had been used a few times my eggs began sticking. Yes, I'd been putting it in the dishwasher because it said I could. Ordinarily I would have sprayed it with Pam or something but instructions said I should not. Anyway, last week the eggs stuck so much I decided to go back to one of my old frying pans and use Pam.

Yesterday I called Farberware. The woman asked when I bought the frying pan and I said November 7, 2007. She said it was not warranted and they would do nothing about it. Seems I'd heard my wife speak of Farberware in a good way but I must have been mistaken. So, what should I do. Bite the bullet and trash it and just figure $10.00 down the tube? Would WalMart take it back because it does not do what it says. Since Farberware will not I guess WalMart won't either. Right? Thoughts? Thanks, Gene

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I'd take it back to Wal-Mart, they have pretty good customer service. A complaint like that, both about the quality and the lack of warranty should matter to them. If not, $10 isn't too bad. Thank goodness it wasn't a $100 fry pan.

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You pretty well get what you pay for at Wally World...$10 is pretty cheap for a fry expect it to stand up for long.
But if you had spent $25, you would have been able to put it into the dishwasher with out harm.
But...take it back ...It should last longer than that!
Linda C

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