KA Strainer?

gardenladDecember 28, 2006

Now that I've got my Kitchen Aid Pro 600 I'm considering getting the Fruit/Vegetable Strainer. But I'm wondering if it's worthwhile?

Has anyone used one? How did it work for you? Does it do a good job, particularly when prepping stuff for canning? Will it remove small seeds, like those from blackberries?

What about cost effectiveness? It lists at 120 bucks. Is it worth the investment?

Any tips or info will be appreciated.

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Tired of looking at this, so starting the long slide into oblivion.

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Keep an eye on amazon.com for this attachment. Sometimes they run specials, like $25 off a one hundred dollar housewares purchase. That, plus no tax and free shipping, could make this strainer a real bargain. If you need it, that is!

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How do you like your 600?

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So far I love it. But how can you really tell after just a couple of months?

I don't even knead bread, anymore; just let the machine take care of that little chore. And I love the bowl-lift mechanism. We used to have an Oster Kitchen Center, and, as a result, I developed a healthy dislike for tilt-head mixers.

The only sort-of negative is that the bowl is too large when making single-recipe breads, and the full-force of the dough hook doesn't come into play. Same thing with beating egg whites. Just guessing, but I would think the same thing applies with whipping cream, etc.

But I can easily live with that.

For the nounce (y'all know what a nounce is? It's a trice with one of its wings clipped) it's stored on top of the fridge. So I also get some exercize, lifting it up and down from there.

BTW, I wrote KA about the strainer, and they do not recommend using it with blackberries. The seeds, they say, are just the perfect size to get stuck in the screen.

Alas! >:(

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