Ivory buff mortar with redish brick

lexmomof3October 16, 2012

If you have any variation of red brick with ivory buff or similar light colored mortar, will you please post a picture? I really think this is the look I'm going for but would like to see some pictures. Also, I know that the ivory colors cost more than the buff or grey but any idea about how much more?


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lexmom, seems like you and i are on the same wavelength with our houses. did you ever have good luck with the door company i sent you info. about?

as for the ivory mortar and red brick, i agonized over this for over a year! i finally arrived at exactly the mortar i was looking for by having my mason source river sand and mix it with regular portland cement. we tested buff dyed mortars and all of them were too brown or too "name various shades here," and i was not happy. i really wanted an historic look and, with this mortar, achieved it with my brick and mortar combo. i went with old virginia "colonial full range" brick, which is gorgeous, but very soft and very hard to lay straight because it's irregular. anyway, i'm happy to help however i can, but here's a photo of our brick and mortar....

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I was going to suggest looking at threeapples house - I think she used ivory buff mortar? The river sand is suggested by a prominent Atlanta architect with the ivory buff mortar to give it a more historic look.

As far as cost, it is more expensive. No idea how much. Mortar is not a huge cost though so I doubt it would break the bank. If that is the look you want, go for it:) It is one of those things that will be there forever and will never change . . .

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athensmomof3, that's gorgeous brick and mortar! Exactly the look I'm going for. Yes, we seem to like the same sort of look. As for the door, I've set that aside for now since we're still so early in the process and I've got so many decisions to make. I did find a local custom door company that builds a door very similar to yours (although I like yours better). The cost was $9k though. I know it's an expensive door but I'm looking for something a little more budget friendly than that. LOL.

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Oops, meant to address that post to threeapples.
Thanks athensmomof3.

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mythreeapples - just looked for threads with pictures of your house. I saw the rendering and I must say, "wow, that is one gorgeous house!" I can't wait to see pictures when it's finished. I'm going for a historical feel as well but the house is a 1.5 story with three dormers above the front porch. It will be about 4,400 sq feet but doesn't look anywhere near that big because of the style. It will look similar to mydreamhomes house, I believe.

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so glad you like the brick and mortar, lexmomof3. i'll ask my builder how much more the different mortar costs and let you know. i'm very happy with the mortar and it was worth the hassle of doing so many mock walls to get it right.
we really wanted dormers. i'll look forward to seeing your house go up because i like the look of mydreamhouse's house and with your interest in going historic, i think it will look tremendous.
one thing you might be able to do is have the transom and side lites custom and get a door that is a more typical size to cut cost down.
i'm excited to hear of your new ideas :)

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The trick I used on many brick buildings for universities is to add some red to the mortar to reduce the width and unevenness of the modern mortar joints and let the color of the brick dominate. The brickwork still looked pretty bad next to brickwork from 300 years ago.

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Thanks for the tip Renovator8!

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