Exterior Color (Hardi Plus) Advice..PLEASE!

ChristyGJOctober 7, 2012

Hi everyone! This is not our house byut may be the colors we are "copying" for our build. I am desperatly needing exterior color advice. The home in the pic is monterey taupe smooth lap hardi colorplus with navajo being trim and very dark chocolate door, columns and shutters. I think it is very nice and "clean" looking with the brown offering it a nice pop of color.

This home is 1 level and our will be 2 with A LOT more stone. If we were to go a shade darker from monterey taupe to woodstock brown how do you think this would look? Would it be too dark with the brown columns? An option would be to leave door and shiutters dark chocolate but columns in the creamy color like the trim. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we need to make a decision in a little over a week. THANK YOU!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think you have to pick the color from your stone. There is such variation in stone colors that that should come first.

I'm not so much of a fan of the dark brown in the picture you posted....rather than 'pop' as you say, I think it distracts from what could be a much richer looking color scheme as it is too much contrast. If you darkened the wall color I think it would look better. Or if you lightened the accents so it blends better.

Go to houzz.com and look at stone exteriors for some ideas.

Traditional Exterior design by Other Metros Design-build Witt Construction

Traditional Exterior design by Cincinnati Architect Richard Taylor Architects

Traditional Exterior design by Minneapolis General Contractor Stonewood, LLC

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What if you went with Autumn Tan? It's in the beige family. I think the disconnect with the Monterey Taupe is that it reads gray. The stone reads brown and tan to me. Autumn Tan has the same saturation value as Taupe. You'd still have the same contrast with the dark columns.

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