Calling All-Clad owners

hokiesDecember 5, 2006

I am ready to purchase some All-Clad pots for my induction cooktop. I am staying away from pots with long handles since I find the 'up side down' handle too uncomfortable even when holding it from the bottom. I just bought 3 QT. cassoulet and a 2.5 QT. casserole w/ steamer. Both pots have two short side handles. The question is: Do the side handles and top lid handle get hot on high/medium heat over a cooktop so a potholder is needed?



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We have an 8 quart All-Clad stock pot with the short side handles. The side handles and the lid handle get too hot to use without a potholder, even over a low flame. DW and I both prefer to use our Le Creuset 5 quart oven with its composite lid handle when we don't need the added capacity of the A-C pot. (Even though the LC side handles get just as hot as the A-C ones.)

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Yes, they get hot.

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Do they make pots or pans without having to use potholders? I have been so used to using Revereware with the black composite material for the side handles and top lids. They don't get hot at all, even when I boil water.

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My ALL Clad SS handles and lid handle can get hot if whatever is cooking for any length of time. - My Cuisinart SS do not. I attribute it to the construction of the AC. It has the alum. running up the entire sides of the pan and the heat is transfered to the handles. On the Cuisinart there is only a disk on the bottom, no heat goes up the side of the pan for transfer. That said the AC is far supperior for anything that will be cooked for any length of time or simmmered. I like the Cuis. for fast veggies and pasta water.

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