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girlnumber5December 4, 2006

Hello. I am fairly new to GardenWeb, I am having a bit of difficulty navigating this site, so I may not be in the right place :-)

I just got a vacuum sealer & really like it. My question is, has anyone had luck using zipper freezer bags (minus the zipper:-) in place of the bags that come with the machine. Due to my frugal nature :-) I am always looking for ways to save $.


Trish in CT

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Welcome Trish.

That only works if your sealer has an adjustible heat controller. Zipper bags are made of a different plastic, and require lower heat to work. At high heat you just burn through them.

BTW, to achieve a vacumn seal in a zipper bag that's even better than the machines, close all but about a half inch of the zipper. Then submerge the bag in water right up to the zipper line. Seal the last half inch. You will have forced _all_ the air out by doing that.

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