How long should Food Saver vaccum before sealing??

robichoDecember 31, 2007

Good morning everyone,

I purchased a FoodSaver QuickStart model V2040 this weekend. I tried it yesterday with some turkey that I had cooked on Saturday. I pressed the "Vaccum & Seal Button" and the machine just kept vaccuming in excess of 5 minutes before I clicked on "Cancel". I then tried some ground beef and same thing!

It says that the machine will vaccum and seal automatically but Gees Louise! ... is it supposed to take THAT long!????


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That happened to mine after I used it a few times. The first few times it shut off after 10 seconds or so. Now, I have have to hit cancel when it seems done.

I'd take it back if I were you. Since I don't use mine very often, I don't care.

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Hate to point this out, but are you lining the bag up in the right area, i.e. the channel? If the opening of the bag is "further into" the machine and is overshooting the vacuum area, it will run forever...

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Turns out I had the tubes for the cannister plugged into the machine (just dangling there) and the FS didn't know which one I was using (bag or cannister).

Is that your problem?

PS: Calling FS is a waste of time. They are not knowledgeable about the products.

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Good morning,
I did what 'joe_..' advised and it worked! The bag must have had a crease in the opening or something and wasn't completely flat. Works like a charm!
Thanks everyone!

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Glad it worked out for you...

P.S. It's OK to say Joe Blowe!


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