bought all clad w/copper for 1/2 price, bargain or junk?

TILAPIADecember 14, 2004

I just bought an All Clad w/copper 12 inch saute pan

from a discount store for $90 which is half retail cost.

But I did notice there was an "S" stamped on the handle.

I bought the pan with the intention of returning it if I discover that the "S" means it's a reject/irregular product. Does anyone know what the "S" means?

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The S does indeed mean second, but that may mean a minor scrach or cosmetic defect. The usefulness of the item is most likely not affected at all.

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Just looked at the pan carefully and I don't really see any cosmetic defects. Are cosmetic defects the only reason these pans are seconds or are there other quality controls All Clad uses to reject these pans? Thx.

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I believe seconds are cosmetic only. They are very fussy about perfect pans for full -price, so the 'seconds' are generally 99.9%. All my all-clad are seconds.

All-Clad still warrants your pan, so don't worry about anything, just use it and enjoy!


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