Domed lid roasting pan... how do I cook in it?

koala_emDecember 3, 2006

I bought it (Stainless steel), thought you'd stick the roast in it and put it in to cook thus saving any fat spatters inside the oven...

But after 50 minutes the meat was still RAW!!!!!!!!

So I turned the heat up a bit and that seemed to be working but nowhere near like lid free roasting.

I gave up just a few minutes ago and pulled the dome off, I would like dinner tonight after all.

Then I started wondering if the domed lid was just for when it sits to rest...

How does this thing work?


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How big a roast? What kind of roast? What temp? Pre-heated or cold-start? For example, 50 minutes at 325 won't do much. Another example -- when I do a 4-5lb. potroast, I leave it in there for four hours. There are MANY variables to "roasting".

Can you tell us more about what you're doing and what you'd like to do? Cookbooks and internet sites are jam-packed with instructions for producing successful roasts of all kinds. I suspect there's nothing at all wrong with your roasting pan.

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