Not loving my carpet color

minneapolisiteOctober 30, 2012

The wall color has green undertones. It's actually just a shade darker than the wall color I chose for our townhome. I LOVE the wall color.

Next to the wall color, the carpet has orange undertones. And the wall color looks way too green.

Does this look as terrible to you as it does to me?

Is this the kind of thing that I won't notice once we're moved in?

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You'll notice it.

Change one or the other.

The paint will be easier to change, but a lot of people don't particularly care for the pink undertones that most taupe like your carpet has, despite it being the most common undertone to taupe. It's what makes for a "warm" taupe as opposed to a cool one. And it will actually be easier to work with than a cool taupe.

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One wall looks better than the other, so maybe the way the light is shining makes so much difference. What room is this and what furniture do you intend to use? In my last build, we had something like this also....the carpet was so cream and the wallls taupe..but when the furniture and bedding was in, we didn't even notice it.

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I think we have the same carpet. We had the same issue with color. Eventually i will change the wall color because I love the carpet.

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Dark browns in furnishings should go fine with the warmer color.

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I don't much like it either, but I could be biased. I'd think a nice neutral light grey would go much better if you love the wall color so much.

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I agree it reads pink and is probably exacerbated by the wall color. I would change one or the other . . . Obviously the wall color will be easier to change.

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I obsessed about undertones when we were doing our house. It's easy to make a misstep with the differences in store lighting, house lighting and and the way different decor elements reflect color and light.

Despite all the obsessing, one of my wall colors goes pale chartreuse during certain times of the day because of the reflection of the grass through the windows!

I agree that your carpet and wall color are off and that something needs to be changed. You might try to switch out your light bulbs to see if the green or pink will diminish but I'm afraid you will probably have to change the wall color or the carpet.

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I agree with the majority: They clash.

If I were in your shoes, I'd move the furniture in and see how it looks when the colors aren't so "alone". With luck, the furnishings will take away from the problem. If that fails, I'd paint. Yeah, you love the wall color, so that's really bad luck, but I couldn't justify replacing new carpet.

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Discussed this at length with my husband last night.

Here's where I'm at:

* Many of our furniture, bedding and window treatments have been purchased or custom-made to coordinate with this wall color (since it's what we had in our previous home)

* Our previous home actually had a similar orange-undertoned carpet, it just wasn't problematic because there was less natural light, less square footage, and it was always covered by furniture

* Must husband insists it's not that bad in person (I haven't been over to the house yet since the carpet laying began...but then again my husband is an engineer, not an artist)

* It will cost at least $6000 to recarpet

* We have a 1-year-old and plan on having more kids

I think the verdict, for now, is to live with the carpet and plan on recarpeting (similar pattern, but a cool gray color) in 5-10 years, depending on our budget and how worn the carpet looks. I guess the plus side to not loving my carpet is I won't be heartsick if the kids track in or spill paint on it!

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It may not be that bad in person. . .. my iphone always skews orange so perhaps that it it :). Also the upper right portion looks better with the wall than the rest so maybe that is it.

With little kids, I think your plan is reasonable. Also it looks like you have hardwoods adjoining the carpet so you could conceivably do rooms one at a time as the budget allows. . . It will most certainly look better when furniture is moved in, I am sure!

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I saw the carpet in person the other day. NOT THAT BAD. It's not my first choice, but it's certainly not worth $6000+ to change it out. The pink/orange undertones are only visible in the upstairs hallway and the formal dining room. I'm going to put a rug in the formal dining room to hide most of the carpet, and I'll experiment with different light bulbs in the hallway. Maybe one of those blue-toned lightbulbs will tone it down a bit?

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