ScanPan bubbling

nacarsonDecember 30, 2006


My first post on GardenWeb.

After reading a whole bunch of reviews on the 'net, I

purchased a ScanPan omelet pan earlier this year. Upon

inspection today, the "indestructible" non stick surface

actually has some bubbles on it, and one of the small

bubbles - around 1mm across - popped off with my finger

nail, leaving exposed shiny aluminium.

Very, very disappointed. Allegedly, they should replace

it due to lifetime warranty, I'll try. But my previous

all clad "Emerilware" (don't laugh) non stick pan lasted

for 2 years before the coating started coming off the

sides - with just as heavy, if not heavier, use.

Is this typical of this brand?

I took good care of it - gentle hand washing and

drying (never dishwasher) with soft brush and paper

towel, etc.


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They'll replace it OK. Don't worry about that.

In my experience, ScanPans are basically just another pan except for costing 2-3 times what others do. They're nice, but not exceptional.

IMHO, anything coated should be purchased as cheaply as possible. Regardless of name or claim, the coatings will break down with regular use. I generally replace my coated skillets every 18-24 months when they start getting sticky.

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Neil, apparently you are not alone. Check out this link to a thread on

Here is a link that might be useful: Scanpan Buyer Beware

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So that's how it is. Thanks for the link suzyq3, much appreciated. I have a "series Z" pan.

In response to asolo, well - at least the one virtue here is that I got it cheap from Amazon on promotion, 50% off or something like that. So I don't feel too angry (after all it was half the price of the Emerilware!)

I guess I will send it in for replacement, and hopefully get the series ZX or whatever. At least now my cast iron wok is back in action, which can do 90% of what the nonstick can.

Thanks all.


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