New cookware, confused about 4-6qt size pan types??

drumsagogoDecember 30, 2005

I'm in the process of replacing my old mish-mash of faberware/etc with new pieces. I've read hundreds of posts here and at egullet but am still confused about a couple things and could use some opinions.

I decided to go with the cuisinart chef's classic line for a few basic 1-3qt saucepans. Saving some money here, and since my current 3qt 10.25" large sauté sometimes doesn't cut it. I thought I'd treat myself to a large Sitram catering sauté pan. It's a nice big 11" 4.9 qt with a helper handle. But then I started to think that maybe I should replace the sauté with the same 10.25" size (I use it often) and get a larger stainless rondeaux or low casserole type pan that can also double as a large sauté pan...a little more versatile and less obtrusive handles. This raised a question though:

What type of construction is best suited to the rondeaux/low-casserole type of pan? Disc design like sitram would be fine for sautéing, but what about braising and casseroles etc?

I just bought an 6.75 oval LC oven, but I'm still not sure of how to round out the 4-6qt sizes. I think I need some type of 4qt pot for things like chili and French onion soup. Should that be a stainless or maybe even another cast iron? If it's stainless does would a cladded unit be better than a disc design?

I saw that the 5qt chef's pan is recommended fairly often, It seems like a good choice for pasta and sauces.

And maybe even a cast iron braiser as an option. These are 2 things that I'd like to get eventually, but maybe it would be smarter now?

I've got it narrowed down to this:

3qt sauté AND 5-7qt rondeaux


3.0qt sauté AND 4.9 qt sauté


4qt saucepan

4qt cast iron oven (LC or staub)

4qt ss casserole (cladded or disc?)

5qt chefs pan

3 or 5qt qt cast iron braiser

Of course I'll take any other suggestions:) You can tell I've totally overthought this but it is fun to buy new cookware and I really am stuck on the pan design questions. Thanks for any input.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sitram Catering

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Oops, I meant to type:

4 or 5qt saucepan
4 or 5qt cast iron oven (LC or staub)
4 or 5qt ss casserole (cladded or disc?)
5qt chefs pan
3.5 or 5qt qt cast iron braiser

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