should I go back to 'default'?

ilmbgDecember 17, 2013

My phone (Verizon),Galaxy S3, now has more ads/pop ups than the computer!
I have only downloaded from the 'playstore', never from some random site.
The apps that I use most are email, calculater, camera, and some nursing/pharmacology apps.
To get rid of the ads and sometimes the phone being 'taken over by aliens', do I have to do 'restore to default'? I have 'block all pop ups' checked.
This is much worse than the computer!
I realize most apps now say you must agree to them taking info/control, but this has gone too far....

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My experience with Verizon tech support has always been positive. They're available, knowledgeable and concerned. Granted, if your issues come from a specific app you installed, etc, there may be a limit to what they can do.

Call them from a different phone so that you can manipulate entries on your Galaxy S3.

As you suggest, the other approach is to just do a factory reset. That'll require you to set up the phone again. It's easy insofar as apps are concerned, you can do it all quickly from a PC browser connection to Google Play.

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I have some ads on my phone, but they only show up when I open one of several free apps, and then the ad is usually only a line of text at the bottom (which I could get rid of if I were willing to pay a buck or two for the free version!). Are you saying you get popups that take over your screen?

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They don't take over the whole screen but they keep showing up- I x out of one then right away another shows up or I can't x out

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Do they only occur when you open free apps? If so, what are the apps?

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