Picts of Sitram Profiserie 11 pc Set

vyshtiaDecember 7, 2006

Some of you were interested in picts of the Sitram Profiserie Set I ordered so here they are - they just arrived by UPS today and here they are - straight out of the box. I took picts of all the angles that I could think of to take. Just let me know if you have any questions, etc.

I was going to write out my thoughts of this set...but I want to play a game. You take a look at the picts and tell me what you think first. I am not exactly sure how I feel about this set yet and would like to take a moment to think about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vyshtia Photobucket - Sitram Profiserie Album

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Thank you, vyshtia, for taking and sharing these pics with us. It looked beautiful. It helped those like me who was considering buying it. Now, I am having second thought and glad that I bought the 13 piece from Costco. The Sitram bottom sharp edge was my concern and some pp here have warped lids after using for 2 yrs...I know you don't like riveted handles and maybe that was one of the reasons you went with this set. Someone on this forum mentioned that the riveted handles minimize the heat transfer from the side of the pot to the handle as opposed to the welded kinds.


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You're welcome, Hokies - glad I could help. =)

Here are my thoughts:

1. The lids suck. They are very thin and right out of the box, 2 out of the 3 lids were warped - as you can see in the pictures. That is very unacceptable from a brand that's supposed to be very good. On the flip side - who keeps the lids anymore anyways? An option that many people prefer is to get rid of all their lids and get a couple of universal lids that will cover all sized pots/pans.

2. Coming from using the Circulon Commercial, "heavy", straight gauge pan (as shown in the pictures) - I was taken aback by the thin-ness of the 18/10 Stainless body on the Sitram Pro. ALL the reviews and comments I've read on this described the body to be very sturdy, well constructed, etc. - but I'm still trying to get my brain to accept that it's ok and it's not a bad thing. Everyone else describes it as "light but not weak" - and my brain just thinks "weak". I did push on it and everything and it's definitely not weak...it's just not the monster thickness of my straight gauge. So it may be that the thin-ness of the body is nothing bad at all (everyone else says it's a good thing) and my brain just needs to come to terms that not every piece of cookware needs to be a heavy monster to be effective. Now the body construction and thickness of this is exactly the same as the Sitram Catering Line - this is the top of the Sitram line and everyone seems to agree that this cookware performs very well. So I think my whole hang up is based off "straight gauge" mentality vs "disk bottom" mentality. According to the "experts" - you don't cook food on the sides of your pans, so it's not *absolutely necessary* to have completely even heat spread throughout the sides of the pan. But then you have other "experts* like Alton Brown say that it's important to have pans that have even heating all throughout. I think this is like the Mac vs PC debate - personal preference will rule one. My problem is that I've suddenly discovered that I'm apparently a straight gauge girl in the closet - and I have to see if I can convert to accept the disk bottom mentality as well. The problem is finding a straight gauge with no rivets (yes, the "no rivet" is still a high priority).

3. The edges are not finished - not just the bottom edge, even though the bottom edge seems to be the least refined. Now it's not "sharp" like "knife/cut you" sharp - it just catches on your skin when you run your finger along the edge, making you think it's going to cut you. I did push quite hard and didn't get cut (but it did scare me the whole time). You know how when you run your hand against a microfibre cloth, rough skin "catches" against the cloth? It's a feeling very similar to that. I would definitely want to try to buff out these edges to make them more polished and soft to the touch.

4. The 8mm disk on the bottom is a monster. Now if it only extended all the way out to the edge of the pan! The thought process of "disk lovers" is that you don't need it to go all the way to the edge - although, it is an indicator of quality. Many people have reported that that outer edge with no disk will actually burn food - they call it the "ring of fire" or something like that. The "disk lovers" reply that you're not supposed to let your heat source be directly under the uncovered part of the bottom - only directly on the disk...if you do that, you'll be fine. Oh...and they also say to use less heat. If you're using gas - the flames are supposed to heat up that thick bottom disk and spread it out evenly and with great consistency (the thick disk retains great amounts of heat). That disk is also the heaviest part of the pan. Conclusion - I would like the disk better if I didn't have to buff out the "sharp" edge and if it extended all the way out to the very edge of the pan and tapered itself off instead of being such an abrupt stop. But according to the "experts" - it's fine the way it is performance-wise.

Ok...so that was my "short" list of what I don't like about the Sitram Pro Set. Now to what I DO like about it:

1. It's beautiful and I absolutely love the welded handle vs rivets. This has definitely reinforced my desire to have no rivets in my cookware. I love the clean interior and can see that it would be very easy to clean and maintain.

2. I love the Chef's Pan. I can see myself using it all the time...

3. Handles are rounded with a hollowed inside - it's completely closed off and so you don't have to worry about it being difficult to clean. Everything looks good on the handle and very comfortable. I did find a couple reports of the welded handle coming off - not sure if this is because of abuse/manf defect/lemon...but I don't see any indication that that would be a problem.

Now I did find a company that makes a product I believe meets ALL of my criteria - Demeyere. Their cookware features things like:

1. InductoSeal

2. Or 7-PlyMaterial

3. No Rivets

4. Beautiful

Only problem is that each piece of these Demeyere pieces are like $200.00! They are sooooo expensive. =(

If only I can find something exactly like Demeyere for less money. Right now it looks like Sitram is as close as I can afford. I don't think it's asking too much for a straight gauge pan with no rivets - is it?

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vyshtia, it was so nice of you to post all of the pictures and give a good review of your new set. They are very attractive for the price. I guess the proof will be in the cooking. Those thick bottoms should give you some good control over long, slow cooking. You'll have a better idea how you like the thinnish sides once you use them. Cooks Illustrated rated Sitram saucepans very well, so those sides must not be too important for most stuff.
It is a darn shame about those lids. I believe the Sitram Catering line has better lids and they can be mixed and matched, so if you find yourself missing a certain size you could try one of those. Lids don't get much use.

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Thank you, sabrinajk =)

I'm actually expecting the arrival of 2 pieces from Update International. I'm expecting them to have all the features I want in cookware - the only downs is that:
1. there is absolutely no info on this brand. It's supposedly a purely commercial brand.
2. Because it's a commercial brand, they tell you up front that "They are made for restaurants and may have slight imperfections, but this will not affect their performance. " I'm just nervous about what this will translate into in real life. LOL

I hope to receive these today and am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be everything I want. They are much, much more affordable than the $250.00 Demeyere pans I'm lusting after - so I need them to be acceptable to my picky tastes. If they are - I will be returning the Sitram Profiserie set and picking up the additional pieces I need from the Update International brand.

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Bourgeat and Mauviel both make stainless lines. Ira Wood has the Mauviel (I am not sure of the exact name, "Style" or something). Chef's Catalog has the Bourgeat commercial--perhaps some are disk-bottom and some are clad? Also, you might check the de Buyer commercial stainless, which looks good to me. You might check out those.

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Take a look at the Sitram that Amazon has--its Sitram's professional cookware, and its what I have. You can even get a look at the 2 different types of lids, and there's quite a difference. Some of my Sitram is 30 years old, some somewhat newer, and its great stuff.

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I bought a sitram SS pan once, and the lid was so flimsy that I sent it back. It was unbelievably flimsy. For a moment or two, I wondered if it was a joke or a mistake.

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