Collapsible pie/cake carrier

joannbmDecember 20, 2007

I always bring 3 pies to our family Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. Transporting them is always a chore.

I have read about a Piatto Bakery Box made many years ago but is no longer being produced. It was made of plastic with a handle and completely collapsible. I can't understand why something like this isn't widely available. The pie and cake basket carriers are beautiful but where do you store those big items when not in use??? Anyone know of a collapsible cake/pie carrier that holds 2 desserts?

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Is this what you are looking for?

Here is a link that might be useful: Piatto Bakery box

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Where I store my pie and cake carriers when I'm not using them: in the garage on some shelves. Not exactly the cleanest place, but that's where I also keep my turkey roasting pan and my bread machine too.


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I store my big cake carrier at work. That way it's available for all the baked goods other people bring in. If I need it (very rarely), I bring it home.

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