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suziequeDecember 28, 2012

Let's see if I can describe what I'm asking :-)

In the IE address bar on my home computer, when I click the down arrow to show my history, there is a limit of 4 sites. However, on my work computer there are maybe 20 or so. I know that I set that on my work computer, but can't for the life of me remember how I did it.

I've checked all of the internet options, but just can't find how to increase the number of sites shown in the list on my home computer.

Can you help?

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You didn't share what version of IE you are using, but perhaps this will help.

In IE9 after clicking on the Address Bar arrowhead a drop down menu appears. It is divided into History and Favorites. Each entry had its own arrowhead on the right. Clicking on the dedicated arrowhead will expand history.

As to settings, a stroll down Google Lane provided the link below which may be what you need.


Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft Community

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Thanks very much for your response. I have IE10. I did the action suggested on the link you provided, then rebooted. Unfortunately, it didn't help (I do see that that question was about IE9, so will do some searching for an answer re IE10).

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My Ie10 win8 set at default shows 5 past urls in the drop down

The url address is also part of the AutoComplete functions under the content tab in internet options. It trys to present urls that match what you have begun typing. or if youre not typing seems to show 5 previous history urls.

Below that list IS history. And it does have a drop down arrow that shows additional places by page names mostly. Really long drop down list too!!!!

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