Any Good Microwave Cookware Out There

blazedogNovember 26, 2004

Years and years ago, when i bought my first microwave oven, I bought two small plastic dishes with lids. They were specifically designed to transfer frozen entrees which came in tinfoil then -- shows how old they are (and me:).

I have never found anything as functional as those two dishes -- lightweight, very durable and didn't heat up very much in the microwave.

I have Corningware but I find it very heavy - it's breakable and it really gets hot in the microwave.

I've been searching for cookware but haven't seen anything except for a few very specialized pieces - like a hot dog cooker or bacon rack -- neither of which I use.

I basically steam veggies and reheat stuff in the microwave.

Any good stuff that you've found?

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I do 90% of my microwaving with a series of pyrex measuring cups. 1 cup size, 2 cup up to 2 qt size. You can steam veggies in these very easily, and the handles help with the fact that anything gets hot in the MW. Everything else is either on a plain old plate or a pyrex bowl with a cover. ANd I sometimes use paper plates, the heavy Chinet ones. Jim takes left-overs to the office in Rubbermaid or Tupperware conatiners and heats in those.

But at this stage of my life, I am not wild about buying anything that doesn't have a lot of different uses.

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I agree with Fairegold, but to answer your question I just saw a lot of microwave cookware (the beige melmac kind) at a Corningware factory outlet store the other day.

If you do a lot of microwaving Tupperware rock n'serve containers are excellent. They come in various bowl sizes and they have both a round and a rectangular devided dish for homemade TV dinners. All sizes are not available at all times but you can always find them on eBay.

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I don't do a lot of microwaving and a lot of my stuff is just nuked in the Glad containers in which I've frozen an individual serving.

I think Melmac is what I am looking for but I've never seen functional shapes in any retail store -- I really am only looking for two or three pieces -- a large rectangle big enough to steam asparagus and one or two smaller pieces into which I can dump a serving of leftovers that needs to be reheated.

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I've found that purchasing microwave safe plastic storage sets, i.e. Rubbermaid, to use for heating up food is a waste of money since the insides quickly char from the heat. I prefer reusing the Glad disposable containers until they get scorched; then I simply replace them.

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I know this is an old post. But I just HAVE to mention the BEST Micro Cookware I have ever found or used.
MICRO-MAC ! They have a website, and you can buy their stuff at and I think the Sur la Table.
The bacon cooker is absolutely the GREATEST. No Muss No Fuss, No spatter. Try it.... you'll like it !

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Found this old thread and checked out pratzert's Micro-Mac cookware. The simmer pot looks interesting Says it makes rice, steams, stews and is a microwave pressure cooker. Does anyone have one? What do you mostly use it for? The bacon cooker looks interesting too.

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I have a complete set of the Micro-Mac cookware. I use the bacon cooker and the two simmer pots more than anything else, although I do use everything I have.

The bacon cooker is absolutely the BEST ! No splattering and all the grease drips into the bottom drip pan and you just pour it into an old coffee can or trash.
It's true that the cookware does not get hot, it's the food that gets hot, and the stuff cleans up to look brand new.
I have had mine for a good 12 years, and the things I use most are just now starting to look a little beat up, but I tell you, the stuff is just great.
I know I sound like a salesman for them, but I'm not, just buy it and try it. I know you'll love it. I'd buy it directly from Micro-Mac and not Target because I think the price will be better.
I don't think their web site or catalog shows a "complete set", so call them and tell them you want a comlete set that has everything they sell and they will put togeather a good price for you. That's how I ordered it. I actually spoke to Lois MacIntosh, the owner, who helped me.
If you buy it, post back and let us know what you think.
Thanks, Tim.

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I am pretty well horrified by people microwaving in plastic ware not meant for use in the micro.... Please be very careful!
Years back, Tupperware made some great microwave safe plastic bowls and covered dishes.,...I love them..
And I use a couple of covered pyrex dishes as well...but no plastic bags!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Mayo Clinic Site

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I can strongly second the recommendation of Tim (Pratzert) above for the Micro-mac. I also had a number of pieces (two 3-quart Simmerpots and two 10" tray sets plus 4 Tote Pots) which I had used at least weekly for over 15 yrs. As Tim says, they did show a few scratches and one simmerpot had turned a little cloudy...but overall still fine.

I just decided that I wanted to see what was available and found them at Cook's Corner this summer. I just restocked! LOL Plus added 2 of the 2-quart Simmerpots since they fit my needs better now.

Like Tim, I have no affiliation with Micro-Mac but just love the well made beauty of these products. Definitely nice enough to serve in! But mostly I appreciate the fact they cook so well and cleanup so easily. josh

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