titanium nonstick cookware

starsternNovember 13, 2011

had anyone experienced with scan-pan ctx titanium non stick cookware ?or with brand sold by scaledowncookware

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I previously had a scanpan classic omlette pan that worked extremely well for me, having to give it up was my only regret in getting an induction cooktop. I got a new induction capable non-stick pan (possibly Farberware Millenium) and wasn't very happy with its non-stick-ness from the start and it got worse over time until you'd need to use a Tbsp of oil to keep an omelette from sticking.

When Scanpan CTX were finally available I bought a new omelette pan, and have had it for about 14 months, and I'm still very happy with it. Most mornings I'll make an omlette for my wife and a fried egg for myself, so it has been used probably about 600 times, and it still is able to cook an omlette or a fried egg without using a drop of oil, and not have it stick.

Pricewise I recall it was rather expensive, and I probably wouldn't get an entire set of them, but for a few pieces where you need the superlative non-stick-ness, I say go for it.

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