Hollow Edge Carving Knives?

mrjonesNovember 11, 2007

What are your thoughts on hollow edge carving knives? Do they have a down side (aside from the extra $10 in cost)?

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Don't fall under the spell of the granton edge...

Here is a link that might be useful: Look for something like this instead.

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The advertised purpose of the hollow edge, or granton, is to create air pockets between the food and the blade. This supposedly decreases the total friction and makes slicing easier. I think it works well enough to justify this option, especially on a carving knife.

If you removed enough metal, through sharpening, to move the edge into the hollowed out areas you would weaken the edge along the hollowed areas because it would be thinner there. That shouldn't be a problem with a carving knife because you're carving, not chopping, so you shouldn't need to sharpen a carver nearly as often a a chopper.

I've had a granton santoku for several years and I love it. I maintain the edge so I don't have to resharpen very often. I think it does make slicing a little easier and then of course there's the cool factor.

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