Ceramic Cannisters - worried about lead paint

maggie2094November 30, 2005

I just bought ceramic canisters from Homegoods - planning to use them for the usual flour, sugar, coffee, tea. They were sold individually not in a box. I love them! Now, my DH looks at them and says - "how do you know they don't contain lead paint"?

The only info I have is the bottom stamp - OGGI - made in china (having trouble finding anything that isn't made there these days).

Now, I would think they wouldn't sell them with lead...but now DH has put the seed in my head.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks - Maggie.

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If they're ceramic, they're glazed and fired in a kiln, right?

Can you scrape the glaze off with a finger?

If not, chances are the only way that they glaze could leech either cadmium or lead would be if you stored highly acidic liquids in the cannister.

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thank you Kframe - you put my mind at ease - now I am off to fill those babies up!

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