all clad 8 qt stockpot or creuset 7.5 bouillabaisse

DParkerNovember 15, 2005

Hi. I'm new to this site (I love reading all your postings!), and have a question:

I'm a big fan of Creuset and All Clad and am slowly replacing all my old pots with them -- mostly Le Creuset.

The only question I have is about a stockpot. Anyone got any opinions -- which is a better idea, the All Clad (Stainless) 8 qt stockpot or the Le Creuset 7.5 qt Bouillabaisse pot?



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Hi DP, Having recently become a big fan of the slow cooking method of infusing flavor into food I vote for the Le Creuset. I'm sure the All Clad is a great pot but there's just something about the way Le Creuset works.


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I have both, just adding the Le Creuset about a year ago...

Since then, I use the LC for all my soups, stews, etc., and find I've only used the stock pot for boiling water when I need a LOT of pasta, or sweet corn. All Clad is, frankly, overkill for that sort of thing.

If *I* were doing it over again, I'd buy Le Creuset for my soup/stew pots and get an inexpensive stainless pot to use as a water boiler. Some very nice (and attractive) heavy-bottomed stainless steel pots can be found at a fraction of the price of All Clad.

I like my All Clad, Calphalon, and Le Creuset pieces, but for large pots, that's the way I'd go...

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Thanks so much. So, you'd make a chicken soup in the LC? I guess it makes sense, I guess I just picture it in a traditional stockpot...

When recipes call for an 8qt stockpot, I assume 7.5 works just as well -- right?

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