Is caulking an acceptable filler between windows and brick here?

threeapplesOctober 3, 2012

We have spaces around all the windows. Marvin requires it and I think it looks awful. The builder said caulking is what they put into this space. Do you all agree, or should we have some sort of wood trim applied?

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Silicone sealant is usually used to seal the joint to avoid water and wind infiltration. The tough decision is the color. I think I would try to match the brick in order to avoid a noticeably irregular outside edge.

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a backer rod and caulk is typical in that situation. We will usually either match the mortar or the brick, your call. In this situation I would probably match the mortar since the color is close to the frame color and it would look like a continuation of the frame. Your call though.

If caulked nice, it will look just fine and you will never notice it.

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ditto. gaps over 1/4" need backer rod to fill
in, caulk over backer rod.

you need something to expand & contract
that will adjust to movement of
window, wood & brick.

a filler piece of wood is just covering
up the gap, but if you wan't to do that..
make sure caulking is done before hole
cover in installed.

best of luck.

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the window frame is white, but you are suggesting white might look bad, Renovator? Do they make caulking the color of this brick? thanks!

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we tpyically spec Sonneborn NP-1 caulk for exterior applications. they have a bunch of color options that can be had. You should be able to get one very close to the brick color.

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