AJ Madison sale patterns

bbstxNovember 7, 2013

I missed a sale at AJMadison which would have saved me about $300 on an Electolux Induction range. While they still have the lowest price I can find, it is just killing me that I missed their sale. I don't need the range until the end of January. Has anyone observed a pattern in their sales or are they totally random?

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Sophie Wheeler

I've never found them to be especially low on price. They are a good research tool, but check elsewhere to buy. Your local appliance place, or even Lowes usually beats them.

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I agree, holly. But the local place quoted me $500 more on the Electrolux Range. I called A. J. Madison's today. The fellow I talked to told me to call back closer to time. He said they would make me a good deal on buying all of the appliances I'm going to need. I didn't realize they would "deal." I will give the local folks an opportunity to give me a price, too.

I would prefer to buy locally, but when the savings are substantial, I have to be mindful of my pocketbook.

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Do you have a Pacific Sales near you? I researched all my appliances, and had planned to buy online from Goedecker's, but Pacific Sales gave me an as-good or better price on the total package.

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I'm in the Deep South. Closest Pacific Sales appears to be at least 500 miles away (and still not close to the Pacific!).

I really thought with buying an entire houseful of appliances, the local place that my builder prefers would give me great prices. Not only am I buying the usual stove, fridge, DW, and vent hood, but I also need a new microwave, a new wine fridge, and a new washer and dryer. I asked the salesperson to price it out for me. The prices I got were all more than almost anywhere else online.

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Well, then check out Goedecker's online. I didn't end up using them, but their prices were the best I found.

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I compared the range, vent hood and dishwasher I'm contemplating at AJ Madison to Goedeckers. Without rebates, the difference was $5. With rebates, Goedecker's would be about $50 less, because they offer a gift card equal to 15% of the price of the dishwasher.

sj, have you ever bought from Goedecker's or do you know anyone who has? I had never heard of them until you mentioned them. I had a friend who bought all of her appliances from AJ Madison when she re-did her kitchen, and DD got her fridge there when she bought her new house. Although I've read some negative reviews online about them, the 2 people I know who have bought from them have had satisfactory experiences.

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No, but I've read very good reviews. Had I not gotten such a good price from Pacific Sales, I would have made my purchases at either AJM or Goedeckers, but I'm not sure either of them would/could have sold me my refrigerator (being west of the rockies and all :-) )

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I am in the South also. I found the best price for Electrolux was from build.com. They have sales paired with coupon codes. You can add the item to a cart (talk to them on the phone and let them save the cart for you) and then wait for an Elux rebate. They have free shipping to my area as well. AJ Madison wasn't near as cheap and personally I don't like dealing with them.

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Thanks, sreedesq. I'm not shilling for AJM, but I just did a quick price comparison with build.com. At AJM, the Elux range is about $400 less and the Zephyr vent hood is about $70 less. Build.com doesn't carry Bosch dishwashers.

Did you have some especially bad experience with AJM?

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I was surprised you mentioned AJM being cheaper. I looked at build and EW30IF60IS is $2155 after adding to cart with coupon code. It's $2359 at AJM. I'm not sure what one you are looking for, so I checked the wave touch for the sake of comparison.

I am merely offering my experience shopping for Elux. AJM's folks were rushed, rude and their delivery options weren't as favorable as build.com. I had a set contact at build.com who worked with me for months and the delivery was to my front porch and not the curb. I can only offer my experience.

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AHA! I didn't sign up, so I couldn't put anything in the cart. The price that I was looking at is the price that shows up before it is put in the cart. For that kind of savings, I may have to put up with the irritation of signing up.

fwiw, I'm looking at EW30IS65JS.

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The price I see for that one is $2450 with the 5% off code "VOILA". That's about $300 cheaper than AJM. HTH

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I loved working with build.com. Their price was good, service was very pleasant and efficient, but what really caught me off guard was when my sales rep called me after delivery to make sure everything went smoothly. And all I bought from them was a hood.

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FOAS, glad to read that you and sreedesq both had good experiences build.com. I've never paid much attention to them because I thought it was one of those places where you had to pay a fee to "join."

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Bbstx - if you don't need the range until January, you should not buy now. Keep in mind that the clock starts ticking on appliance warranties upon delivery, not upon installation, You will be foregoing 2-3 months of warranty by having your appliances delivered now. There's also the risk of storing the appliances until you need them. There have been many stories on the GW about appliances in storage getting damaged, tipped over, knocked into, wet, and even stolen. So wait to purchase your appliances until you are closer to installation date. And for many kitchen renos there are delays, so your January time frame could change too.

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Good point and good advice, akchicago. I'm convinced that we will not be in the new house until March. When I met with the builder last week, he started waffling about the completion date.

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I agree with akchicago re waiting. Retailers usually have sales. Mfrs have rebates. But the effective time of the warranty is a big deal. And ask ,specifically, about when the warranty starts. And pin down the builder for an accurate occupancy date.

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I glanced at this thread so if this was said in here and I missed it I apologize.

I haven't not purchased appliances from online, but I did just buy a new TV from online. The online only stores tend to play games with that. They have super low prices online that you can see, and even when you put it in the cart and checkout it is low. But they all then call you and tack on charges that are hidden very well in the fine print that no one ever reads. The final prices ends up being very close to what you can get from most local and reputable online places.

Just wanted to through that out there. I don't know if AJM is like this or not, just wanted to warn you in case they pull that kind of stuff as well. Again, I don't know if AJM does or not, but it is a scam a lot of online places use and then they strong arm you in to paying a higher price.


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That is awful, Phil. When DD bought her fridge from AJM, she paid the price that was shown in the cart. There were no additional fees. My friend, who bought all of her kitchen appliances from them, did not mention additional fees either.

I would really prefer to buy locally. If the local folks will match the price, I'll buy from them.

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Just tried to price a GE Cafe gas range at Goedecker's. I wasn't allowed to put the range in the cart because I don't live within 100 miles of the brick and mortar store. However, Electrolux doesn't seem to have the same restrictions.

Same issue with GE at AJM. Interesting. I could have sworn that I had put a GE Cafe range in the cart several months ago when I started pricing appliances.

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I had that problem with a Thermador fridge.

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Just FYI, AJM has sales quite often through out the year. Any little holiday or celebration, they have a sale going. Like you, I noticed a sale & was sucked in on having to take advantage of it right then & there! I think it was around the 4th of July. Even tho I hadn't nailed down my floor plan, I felt that I had to get everything immediately. My gut was telling me otherwise, & I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger. I still don't have my floor plan finalized!! Close, very close, tho! But, I've read quite a few posts on here about AJM & over all, I think they're suppose to be pretty good, but I did see that they drop it off curbside or you pay more for items to be brought inside. Definitely read the fine print & tell them to tell you the "final final" amt!! Just to make sure no hidden fees. You can search AJM here & you'll find quite a bit about them.

With all of this time to think about it, I'm moving more to the appliance stores in my city. Even tho I'm going to have to pay tax here, the peace of mind not having to deal w/ a co. far away if something goes wrong, is more important to me.

Good luck.

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I got the impression from the guy I talked to at AJM that I needn't worry about a sale. I had the impression they would give me a "sale" price whenever I called. I am talking to a local appliance store, too.

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