Enameled cast iron dutch oven

psychofanNovember 11, 2009

So we just bought a 6.5 qt enameled cast iron dutch oven off of Amazon this week. Just got it today and noticed two little (tiny, maybe about 1mm) chips in the enamel on the underside of the lid right by the screw for the handle. Before we go through the hassle of initiating an exchange, my question is whether the chips on enameled cast iron are big deals or not (i.e. dangerous or fairly common no big deals)? I figure all the cooks here would know. Thanks!

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I would not exchange it for that minor a defect. It is not dangerous and all brands of enameled ovens can get these chips. I own and use a lot of enameled cookware and would bet that each one has a few of those chips.


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