1st Floor basic layout

amtrucker22October 18, 2012

We are struggling with the layout of our first floor in the laundry room/bathroom area. It is a large area and we have a lot of windows close together (6ft tall). Can we get some suggestions? Kinda sucks having a window with a wall so close to it.

We are a family of 4 (me, wife, and 2 sons) and live in FL. We have a horrible time trying to visualize this stuff. We are working with an architect and want to give him a good idea of what we are looking for with this rough sketch.

I am sorry for the rudimentary drawing! Drawing is 40ft x 40ft. We actually want to trim it down to about 37x37 or less. We will have 8ft porches on the front and back.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Research the house type, American Four-Square. You are right in there. Lots of historical information for you that will shorten your journey and make it much more productive.

Good luck on your project!

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Is this the back of the house or the front? What is the reasoning behind making the l-shaped laundry? What will go in that little area inside the window? If it doesn't have a good use, you might extend the bathroom down to the window to allow natural light-- of course, that wouldn't work well if this is the front of the house.

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@ virgilcarter - Cool information about the four-square. I have been looking at quite a few of them, but still struggle with our specific needs.

@ Chibimimi - It is the front of the house and the windows are 6ft tall. This is pretty much why we didn't extend the bathroom out. I am thinking that we will store bulk items there but of course keep the blinds semi-shut so that you can't see in but still get light in.

I just wish we could make better use of this space as oppose to an oversize laundry room.

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Why would you devote such a prime real estate location to a laundry room or any utility room area? And for a media room, you want a dark room, preferably without windows. Both of these spaces need to go into your basement, not in the prime valuable first floor with windows space. Make the laundry room more open to the kitchen and have it be the dining space so the kitchen isn't so crowded. Then take the media space and make it into the quiet adult gathering space with the noisier kid space to the rear in the family area, which can also house the TV without any real need for a separate media room.

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Hi GreenDesigns...

Unfortunately this house will not have a basement, but I do agree it is prime real estate. I think that with your comment we may put it upstairs and make the space downstairs a bedroom. We were wanting to put it on the 1st floor just in case we have to move to the downstairs area only in the future. I think I will just have the house plumbed and wired for moving it into the garage if we had to. THANK you for your suggestion!

The media room will be more a of a game room for the kids. We are hoping that most of the toys and the boys spend time in their as opposed to the main family room.

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