Does It Matter Where I Buy My Kitchenaid?

goldgirlNovember 21, 2005

We just moved and I sold my old KitchenAid mixer in anticipation of eventually buying the Pro 6 qt model. DH just suggested that we buy this as our single Christmas gift to each other - I get the mixer and he gets Christmas cookies ;)

The price seem to be the same everywhere, in local stores and online, although I'm not sure if I can expect them to go on sale in the next few weeks. Years ago I bought an appliance at William Sonoma because they guaranteed everything - if you ever had a problem, you'd bring it back to them and they'd replace it. Don't know if this is still the case.

Are the Kitchenaid prices pretty much fixed? Anyplace else I should be looking? Thanks!

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"The price seem to be the same everywhere"

Yes, which is common for the higher-end brand names. Many have prices set at the regional level via specific distributors.

If you haven't tried using (online retailer Search portion of Google), I suggest you do. Also, the link to below.

FWIW. KitchenAid banned all online pricing/sales at the start of 2005, but has since relaxed their policies as sales took a hit. I got a great deal on a KitchenAid mixer at Amazon one year ago. It was a wedding gift...


Here is a link that might be useful: / Home and Garden / Mixers / KitchenAid

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Williams & Sonoma still has the warranty. I'd purchased a Henkels Pro S knife a few years back and dropped it. The knife landed pointy end down on our ceramic tile floors. The blade just poof snapped right in two pieces. Really surprised me. Anyway, I returned it to Williams & Sonoma and they gave me a new knife on the spot. Can't do much better than that.

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national chains, like Bed and bath or linens and things, usually have 20% off coupons. Scoot over to JC Penney and download the KA $50 just saved $120 off the 600 pro.

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Also check out Costco. Their return policy is exceptional.

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Thanks everyone! Janedibber - BIG thanks for the rebate, must be brand new because when I searched last week all I could find was a rebate for a free cookbook.

Looks like BB&B would be cheapest, with a 20% coupon. But we do have credit card points I just discovered we can redeem for William Sonoma, so I could buy there at the higher price (but still get the rebate) without spending cash and have their lifetime warranty (did call and they still do this).

Decisions, decisions ;)

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I don't know where you're located, but here in the DC area, Hecht's dept. store has had some amazing sales on kitchenaid mixers (I think all 3 models). I don't remember specifics, but it seemed that if you hit their reduced price and used the store coupon, the prices were about 1/3 off. I'm not sure if you could do this on (they do have a website, but I'm not positive that's it) or there might be a local dept. store near you that sometimes has great sales. It seemed better than 20% off.

I'd like to ask some mixer advice. I've never had an electric mixer (at age 47) and never really baked (and am fairly inexperienced at cooking too - though i intend to change that). So I thought this purchase was not one I needed right away (new kitchen etc.) - unless I discovered that I'd use it. Two things have made me reconsider. One is that I really like The Barefoot Contessa cookbook, and in many recipes she says to use a mixer with paddle attachment - [can I substitute and use the plastic blade in a food processor - or is that too weak]. And then my mother came to help me sort through my kitchen equiptment. She believes that having an electric mixer is close to essential in a kitchen. Again, I don't know if I can substitute a food processor. Other than for baking cakes, what would I use a mixer for that I couldn't handle with combination of electric hand mixer, old immersion blender, food processor?

And finally - which KA mixer should I get. Is bigger better - or is it overkill if you're not a serious baker?

Thanks everyone.

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Doesn't Williams-Sonoma give you a 10% off coupon if you buy a gift certificate? I do think that it is only good after Christmas, but if you could wait, that might help. I was planning to buy a gift certificate for myself to use after Christmas. I always get gift money, and that is where I love to use it!

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Lynnalexandra - I have a large KA mixer that was my mothers, a small hand mixer and a Bamix. I never use the two mixers. I cook a lot. I make a lot of bread, some pies, not much else baking.

I tried the large mixer a couple years ago on pumpkin pie but it was overkill. Since then I just use a whisk. 90% of my use of the Bamix is eggs. I fluff them up, start them on the stove, add cheese and throw them in the oven to brown. They come out really puffy. Our grandson loves them that way (me too!)

I can't answer the Barefoot Contessa thing but my mother used her mixers for everything. Maybe it's just a generational thing, but I never do. Maybe someday I'll find something I need it for.

(by the way, I feel the same way about food processors. Part of me thinks it would be cool to use one, then I get out my knives or chopper and it's done. Same thing, someday I may find a reason and get one)


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Thanks, Ken. I think that if I try to make bread and find the food processor doesn't cut it, maybe then I'll consider the KA mixer. As I've been cooking, I found that I too, discovered that I like the tactile part of cutting food. And hadn't used my processor lately. But the other day, I was trying a quick meals recipe with my daughter, which called for minced celery and onion - and I must say it was nice to stick it in the processor and be done. Partly as a time saver (and bc. cutting onions is not a cutting job I enjoy). partly bc. it was good to minimize time with the knife when my 6 yo was helping. let us move quickly on to the parts she could help with. So I guess I'll still use my processor.

I know I'm drifting off topic here, but I had wondered about the Bamix. That I could see using, but wondered if it wasn't overkill since I have an old Braun immersion blender (which works great on soup), a food processor and a Cuisinart little pro processor (that our neighbor gave us when they moved to Europe). Can I justify the Bamix? Should I put it on my holiday wish list?


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Hi Everyone - I ended up purchasing my Pro 6 qt model last night from William Sonoma with redeemed American Express points. So, I paid the going price, which is a little higher than I could have found it by shopping around locally, but I didn't have to spend cash, per see. Plus, I'll get a $50 rebate! WS does still have a lifetime warranty on appliances, so if I have any problems, I return it directly to them and they either replace it or have it repaired for me. That's worth the slightly higher price to me, although hopefully I'll never have to use the service.

Looking forward to trying it out this week :) Am I crazy to be so excited about a new appliance?!

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Where is the rebate form? I looked at Penny's and on the Kitchenaid website and could not find it. Thanks for any help.

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It's only on the 6qt pro model, but if you go to the page on the Penney's site and look just above the color choice pictures, you see a link for the rebate form. I also googled "Kitchenaid Pro 600" and found a link to it. Doesn't appear to matter where you buy the mixer.

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I had a very pleasant experience with Williams-Sonoma regarding a Kitchen Aid item. I have owned a KA stand mixer for many years, saw in their catolgue there's an ice cream-making bowl available for it. I ordered it last December. I think it was $79.99. Then in January WS sent me a refund check for $20 explaining that it was a rebate. There was no mention of this in the catalog nor on the phone when I ordered it. What a nice post-Christmas surprise! In my opinion, WS is a stand-up company. I would give them my business again!

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Jannie - an ice cream bowl??? Details PLEASE :)

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