can you help me i.d. this, please?

earthlydelightsNovember 10, 2006

Hi, i know the red handled one is a ricer. it has the holes. the all silver one baffles me. like a ricer, but no holes on the cup part. there is however a mesh strainer that sits inside a cup like colander.

any ideas? i would love to put it to the use it was intended.

it's old, that much i know.

thanks for your help.


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They are both ricers....the 2 inserts in the show how you might do the potatoes....fine of coarse....

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I don't think the second one is a ricer--if you look closely at the handled container, it has a pour spout for liquid. And the container is quite small--you'd have to empty many times to rice enough potatoes for a family dinner.

My guess is the second one is some sort of juicer--probably for citrus fruit. But it's just a guess.

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thank you both.

i do agree, the second one, the one i am trying to ID, is NOT a ricer by any means.

i'll continue on my quest to find out what this is. maybe eventually i find out.

thanks again,

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I was wondering if it's an old style spaetzle maker- those are german noodle/dumpling boiled in water. But then again maybe not.

Here is a link that might be useful: spaetzle maker

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I would guess not, Movingwest, for the same reason I don't think it's a ricer. The "container" part has no holes, so obviously serves as a collector of whatever is being passed through the screens. There's not much room left once the screens are in place, which leads me more in the direction Azzalea has taken. Something liquidy.

Both ricers and spaetzle makers have holes to the outside, so that the plunger forces the potatoes/batter through them.

My guess is that it's a tool for juicing things like lemons and limes. The plunger forces the juice through the large screen, and the mesh one is used to strain out pits and pulp.

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At a guess, it could be a bartenders juicer. Either of the strainers would fit on the drink glass not in the cylinder while the crushing goes on. If they are used in the cylinder the fine mesh screen would do the straining by being placed above the coarse one which would support it. That would suggest something hard like pineapple being squeezed. The handles are very strong and capable of a lot of pressure.But it seems likely the two strainers would mostly be used on the drink glass.

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