Cookware - Hot handles on gas cooktop

jdavis37November 5, 2011

Last year we did a complete kitchen remodel and along with it added a Capital Culinarian range top ( 23K burners ). We don't often cook on hi temperatures but even on low to medium heat levels the handles of our cookware ( mostly stainless but I don't know the brand )get hot. They did not do this with the previous electric cooktop.

First, is this just something to get used to ( i.e., using gloves, potholders, etc. ) or are there pots/skillets out there which do a good job of having cool handles?

Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't foresee us paying $250 for each skillet/pot though! Thx

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Welcome to gas cooking. With gas there is ALWAYS a curtain of very hot air around the pots and pans. It's the nature of combustion. Handles and spoons left dangling out can surprise you. Yes, it is just something you'll have to get used to.

If you have standard, circular burners you probably have cold spots in the middle, too.

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Look on the bright side, you'll develop a good habit of always protecting your hands before you reach for a pot. Better safe than sorry. Less chance of burn accidents that way. I have a CC too and the heat is really nice. I've cooked in a commercial kitchen in the past, so I'm never very far from a kitchen towel, if it's not already glued to my hand.

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I'm buying her some nicer quality cookware for Christmas. I checked into what she had and while it is stainless, etc it was lower end. Am hoping the newer stuff will do at least marginally better. Current cookware handles get hot even when flame is set to barely a simmer. If not, at least she will ahve nicer cookware and maybe better temperature control!

Agree about simply planning on handles being hot. Can't go wrong if you get into the habit of protecting yourselve. Reminds me of glass stirring rods in chemistry lab.. always keep hot end pointed away because hot and cold glass look identical. Assume pot handle is hot and it gets safer from there!

Agree too on the CC burners. Have had a year now and both of us remain amazed at this beast! It cooks very well at low heat... is so nice to be able to simmer chili without having to continuously stir and or put on burner remove from burner. Also nice to bring a big pot for pasta to a boil in about 5 minutes, when desired :)

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Calphalon and All-Clad handles don't get hot--warm, perhaps. They are not cheap, however! And we have gas.

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